Saturday, October 26, 2013

AJ Styles leaves #TNA with the title. Seem familiar?

TNA Impact Wrestling held their biggest pay-per-view of the year last week, Bound for Glory 2013. AJ Styles won the world heavyweight championship in the main event. One of the more popular wrestlers, and only one of three people to be with TNA since their first event in 2002 (along with Jeff Jarrett and James Storm), the fans went home happy.

One person was not happy: the evil promoter Dixie Carter. Oh yeah, and AJ Styles contract is running out so he just won the world title and will be leaving the promotion soon. Dixie ordered a rematch between Styles and former champ Bully Ray for last Thursday night. AJ won. Dixie tried to get him to sign a contract. It is below: 

TNA was already receiving some criticism from online commentators for seemingly copying the "evil promoter angle" with Dixie Carter and WWE's Stephanie McMahon. Now, AJ Styles is the world champion without a contract who has left the promotion.

Seems similar to something that happened in 2011... 

To make the storyline even more similar, AJ Styles even dropped his "pipebomb" promo on Dixie Carter and TNA a few weeks ago. It's okay. The problem, not to harp, would be AJ's voice and speaking style. This is arguably the greatest promo that AJ Styles has ever done, and I wouldn't classify it as a home run.  

Even if he had knocked it out of the park, it still doesn't compare to the best promo in recent years, the original WWE "pipebomb." 

AJ Styles, as good as he is in the ring, is no CM Punk on the microphone. Especially in his younger days, AJ Styles really was his nickname - "phenomenal." At 35, he can still break out some amazing moves and show that he is one of the best wrestlers out there. But, AJ just doesn't have that explosive verbiage and ability to convey his feelings via a microphone. And, as mean as it sounds, that accent of his really doesn't do him any favors.

In the grand scheme of things, nothing is original. TNA is copying a WWE storyline. WWE copied a Ring of Honor storyline (which, admittedly also featured CM Punk). Ric Flair did a similar storyline in the early 90s. Hopefully it will work for TNA. They need all the help they can get.

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