Monday, September 9, 2013

SGA Meeting Notes [09-04-13]

But, Chris, how can you write about the SGA meeting if you weren't there? It's a pretty simple concept: ask somebody what happened. I messaged the SGA President and she was busy with some other stuff so she deferred me to the Vice President. Below is a brief synopsis of the Sept. 04 meeting of the SGA from Greg Stamp's perspective:

"In short we only discussed a couple points of business. As I mentioned the week prior, we were pushing to consolidate some of the committees. We discussed and voted to combine the ADA with the Safety committee, the Housing with the Dining committee, the Publicity with the University Publications committee, and the SGA Affairs with the Green Sustainability committee. We had to suspend the bylaws to expedite the process but we voted and approved the change. 

"After that we discussed the possibility of moving the SGA meeting place to either the 3rd floor of the Rahall building or to the stage in Subway Sides. I had been given new information from Andrew Sulgit [Student Center Director] about possible upgrades to the State Room coming in the future. We discussed the three options - third being stay where we were - and we took an informal poll. The clear majority wanted to stay in the room so it was dropped until further notice.

"I took up everyone's top three preferences for what committees they wanted to be on and we appointed Andrew Miller to Attorney General at the end of new business."

So, there's that. Barring any unforeseen circumstances I plan on attending the 09-11-13 meeting of the SGA. 

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