Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I feel like I've been running on autopilot for the last few weeks. I'm just burnt out.  For the last 3 weeks or so, I haven't had a day off. I have 13-hour days at Concord on Monday and Wednesday, and every other day I'm at Pizza Hut. It's more mentally exhausting than physically. I'm having trouble handling it.

A few random notes:

People seemed to like the Top 25 Beatles songs blog I posted months ago. I have some ideas for similar posts. Hopefully in the next few weeks we'll see some more of those.

I've been toying around in my head the idea of starting a podcast. I've researched how to do it and I think it would be easy. I've pretty much given up already on being a member of Concord University's radio station. I liked it enough, I guess. Just not enough to really want to give it my all. And I didn't really feel comfortable in the staff meetings. I felt like they were all established as friends and crew members and I felt really out of place and awkward.

What I have the idea for, I want to do things under my own umbrella. I don't want to be a cog in the machine; I want to be the machine. Perhaps if I start my own podcast I could be in control of my own destiny. And plus, I could work on it late at night. That's when I seem to be the most creative.

Speaking of being creative, I haven't been as creative lately as I'd like. I haven't worked on my book in about a month. I'm guessing that Thanksgiving Break and the winter break will be spent playing ketchup on that. See what I did there? Catch up. Ketchup. Catsup?

I'm allergic to something at work. I was washing my hands a few weeks ago and noticed what looked like a scratch on the inside of my right forearm. Later it was gone. Washing my hands at work again later it was back. And now I've noticed I'll breakout in a couple red scratch marks on my arms sometimes. And maybe this is just paranoia or something, but I felt like I was biting the sides of my tongue a lot, like it was swollen the other day.

It's starting to get cold at night and in the morning now. Not a fan. I don't care for being cold. I don't understand people who say Autumn is their favorite season. It gets cold and I watch the leaves die. I like to see whose posting Facebook statuses to the effect of "It's the season for leggings and sweaters and pumpkin-flavored stuff" because I can silently judge them and think to myself, "You're a stereotypical whore." I'm very mean in my head.

That's all for now. I'll check back with more later. Follow me on twitter - @chris_slater - I'm a lot more interesting there than I am on Facebook and here.

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