Friday, August 9, 2013

Lip rings and books

I lost my lip ring a few weeks ago. The Pizza Hut rules say you have to take it out while you're working, but I rarely do. One day I just felt like taking it out. I stuck it in my pocket and went about my day. When I got home it wasn't there. I went out to my car to see if it fell out of my pocket and into my seat. It wasn't. I pulled my pocket out and found a small hole.

I'm sure there's a technical name for the circle with a ball in it, but I don't know that that is. I lost that one and all I had was one of those rods where a ball screws onto it. So, I'm wearing one of those now. Click here for a picture of me with the rod & ball lip ring. And, yes, I giggled every time I said "rod and ball." When I got my lip pierced in June 2002, I initially wore the rod & ball. I did that until May 2007, when I randomly put in the hoop with the ball. And then I never stopped wearing it. I had a couple different ones, as I would occasionally lose them.

I ordered a few books from Amazon. They're all professional wrestling related. The first is Bob "Hardcore" Holly's autobiography, "The Hardcore Truth." I finished it in two sittings and will likely write a review of it soon. Pretty good. If you follow me on twitter - @chris_slater - then you likely saw me tweet some of my thoughts as well as quotes I found interesting.

The other two are Mick Foley's novels "Tietam Brown" and "Scooter." I've heard a lot about them and have wanted to read them for years. I just never got around to buying them until now. Mick Foley, for those unaware, is a retired professonal wrestler best known as Mankind and Cactus Jack. He was the first wrestler to achieve mainstream success by authoring an autobiography, making to the New York Times bestseller list three different times, twice at number one. Click here to read my review of his fourth autobiography, "Countdown to Lockdown."

Neither of his novels sold well, so he's pretty much gotten out of writing them. In his third autobiography, he hints at the idea of writing a novel under a pseudonym. He has had more success with children's books, most being WWE-related. Mick wrote previously that a screenwriter was interested in turning "Tietam Brown" into a movie. I've read that both novels are dark and kind of disturbing, especially "Tietam Brown." Both novels feature the titular character as a teenage-age male living a hard life. The father figure in "Tietam Brown" is based on several wrestling personalities Mick has observed over the years, but is mostly based on Terry Funk.

I'm looking forward to those. I'll let you know how they go. Follow @RealMickFoley on twitter for more updates on his writing and burgeoning stand-up comedy career. WWE recently released a 3-disk DVD set looking at his career. Click here to view the trailer. The only real problem with it is that if you read his first autobiography, you get the full, long story and the DVD has to skip over parts due to time constraints. So you're getting part of the story you've already heard. And while it's rated TV-14, they really don't show a lot of Mick's more bloody moments so newer fans may not get an idea of how "hardcore" he really was.

And so that's where we're at with that. I haven't been writing as much as I would like to be lately. A lot of ideas have been going through my head and I've been trying to make sure I write most of them down. So, hopefully some of those ideas will turn into reality.

On a somewhat related note, I was driving home from work recently when a line came to me in my head. I had to think if I had already written it or if I had just meant to at some point. After some thinking, I realized I had already used it. It's good enough that I'll probably use it again at some point; I had an idea for it.

I'll check back later with something more substantial.

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