Monday, July 8, 2013


I've surprised myself lately with how seamlessly I went right back into eating Pizza Hut multiple times a day after eating it only twice in the 16 months I didn't work there. It's nothing I'm proud of. I don't even like it. I never ate at Pizza Hut before I worked there. It's always been my least-favorite pizza brand. It's there and it's easy. Ugh.

I've jumped right back into doing everything at Pizza Hut. There was originally supposed to be a longer transition to making me a shift manager again, since a lot of people there didn't know me and I had to prove myself to them. But, they were understaffed so I just got thrown back into it.

I initially impressed everybody with how much stuff I was doing. I don't really know why. I was just printing out reports and typing stuff up. But, a few people were almost in awe with my ability to complete Pizza Hut paperwork and make it look like I'm being important. And, that's all I'm doing - looking important. I'm coasting through my duties and people think I'm amazing.

I still work at RadioShack. Kind of. The last time I updated about it, they had sent me to the store in the mall without letting me know. I blogged about it. I guess some people at work read it, because I walked in the next time and people started apologizing about not letting me know.

My Pizza Hut schedule changed a lot due to bumping me back up to managing. It interefered with the RadioShack at the mall schedule. So, I called and told them I couldn't work that week. I honestly figured I was done with RadioShack after that, but then the Walmart plaza store called to ask what days I was available to work.

I don't know if maybe they thought I stood my ground and said, "fuck this, I'm not going to the mall" or what, but they just brought me back like that mall thing never happened.

They were low on hours for this week so they asked if I would mind not being on the schedule. So, I'm just at Pizza Hut this week. I think it would be funny if they just never put me back on the schedule at RadioShack to see how long it would take me to say something about it. Hint, if anybody from RadioShack is reading this: I wouldn't say anything about it.

So, after reading all of that, I'm having a hard time figuring out if the statement "I hate my life" is truth or hyperbole. It probably depends on the day and how many skanks are trying to buy pizza.

I alternate between being really angry and really sad while I'm at work. I hate when I have to over-exert myself for the sake of pizza. I'd like to think I'm better than breaking a sweat trying to grab pizzas out of a conveyer-belt oven before it backs up. But, I was doing that the other day and this incredible sadness came over me. I was grabbing pizzas and all I could mumble to myself over and over was "This is my life." *cut pizza* "This is my life." *cut pizza* "This is my life."

So, that's where I'm at right now. I'll let you know if it gets worse or better.


  1. You Need To Focus On Journalism And Make A Career Out Of It

  2. Tessa - didn't calling people skanks end your last career. Just kidding. Miss you terribly.

    1. hahahaha you are correct, that did not work out well for me last time.