Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Case of the Mondays

I don't get anything done at my apartment, so I would often go to Starbucks to write. The employees have started recognizing me so I'm taking a break from going there. My latest go-to spot has been McDonalds. Aside from all the people I'm forced to see here, it's not too bad. I won a free order of french fries last week playing Monopoly, but I lost the game piece somewhere in my car. If anybody wants some fries, come look in my car.

I don't have much at the moment aside from some random thoughts:

As the dust has settled from the sudden death of nationally-syndicated radio DJ Kidd Kraddick, it is looking very much like I'm the only person I know who actually didn't like his radio show. I just didn't care for his voice. I especially didn't like his two sidekicks and I don't care for mindless pop culture banter. I do like that he was active in charity work. Anybody that society deems a "celebrity" is overpaid and I'm glad he realized that he should give some of that money back.

I read a nice USA Today article about Robin Thicke, the "Blurred Lines" singer. He sings about fucking all these bitches and whatnot, but he's actually been with the same woman for 20 years (he's 36-years-old). The only reason I bring that up is to segue to a story about how mindless upper-management cogs in the corporate machine act. 

About 2 months ago, RadioShack used "Blurred Lines" in a new advertising campaign to appeal to younger people. We had a memo about it and I got to watch the commercial before it aired (it debuted during the NBA Finals). The memo talked about how it was a little risque and went against RadioShack's image. When I went to that orientation workshop thing I blogged about recently, the district manager running the meeting mentioned the commercial and repeated the memo pretty much verbatim as if it were his own opinion.

Every time you bought a new phone at RadioShack you received a free download of "Blurred Lines." I quickly realized that 95% of the people buying those phones weren't in the Robin Thicke demographic, so I didn't even tell them about it.

I saw the following on Ginger Boyle's Facebook page. She posted a link to a paranormal activity-ish blog that had a post about Wilson Hall, one of the female dorms at Concord University, being haunted. The link is below:

Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State: Concord College

For the nit-picky people saying she called it "college" instead of "university," it was a college before becoming a university in 2004. I always thought it was hilarious to see Candace fly into a 2-second fit of rage at somebody referring to "the University of West Virginia."

Theresa's blog is an interesting read. Kelly lived in Wilson Hall for five years and I never noticed anything like that. She never told me if she did. Unless the girl in the blog post was ridiculously short, I find it hard to believe somebody could hang themselves in the closet.

I've written before about my experiences with ghosts - Do you believe in ghosts? I do?. I also started listening to Tegan and Sara after hearing The White Stripes cover their song "Walking With A Ghost." 

Bill Lewis, one of my favorite rabble-rousers from back in the day at Concord University, has started a blog series looking at turning his life and finances around. To completely oversimplify what Bill's trying to do here, basically he's documenting his plan to eventually become a landlord. He's posted 2 entries so far and they're both interesting reads. If he can keep up the documentation aspect of his journey and actually reach his goal, it will be a nice little piece of history to look back on.

Part 1: This is the introduction

Part 2: Here's the situation

So, keep your eye on that. If you're friends with him on Facebook, he's been posting the links. Something like that documenting his journey could eventually make an interesting book.

Speaking of books... I've started writing one. I don't need to go out and sell ads to write a book, which is one of the main reason the magazine idea I've had is on hold for now. I think the story I'm trying to tell is interesting and people will enjoy reading it. As time progresses, I'll give more details. I'm eyeing an approximation of maybe 50,000 words to tell the story I want to tell. I've got about 15,000 written so far. I'm looking into the potentials for self-publishing and gathering information for small-time "legitimate" publishers around the area. We'll see if anything happens with it.


  1. This is random but I finally got around to reading 50 Shades this summer. I think I'll go get book two today.

    1. I like book 1 a lot better than the 2nd. The first really introduces the characters well and sets up the world that they live in. The 2nd one doesn't really flesh it out much more, but it adds in a lot of unnecessary drama. I never got around to reviewing the 2nd one, but after reading it I had no desire to read the 3rd.

      And if anybody reading this didn't see my initial review of 50 Shades of Grey, it's here:


  2. I didnt like Kidd's show either.