Thursday, May 2, 2013

Life, or something like it

I've been staring at an empty screen, thinking of the words to fill it with. None are coming. These ones, I guess. But, these are placeholder words in place of the actual words, so they don't count.


Where am I at in life? I've been working at RadioShack for around a month now. That's been fun. I like all of the people I work with. I went to high school and Concord with one guy. He plays Amtgard. His name's Crump. He was my anonymous source in a 2007 Concordian article after the SGA went into closed session and I had to leave. He told me what happened and I anonymously quoted him. Sean Noland wrote me a scathing email about how he didn't like that I did that. During Travis Prince's report the next week, after he was done speaking he jokingly added, "Did you get all of that, Chris?"

Am I talking about the SGA or RadioShack now? I don't know shit at RadioShack. People come in with questions and I just stare blankly and go, "let's take you over here, maybe this is what you need." But, I like it. It's laid-back and I don't hate the idea of going there every day.

I noted in a previous blog that I wasn't having vivid dreams anymore. One of my favorite things about going to sleep used to be waking up and remembering the crazy things I dreamed about. For at least the last year-plus, my dreams weren't exciting. I would dream that I got out of bed, went to work and hated it, then I would wake up and do exactly what I dreamed about.

Perhaps the change in job and stress level has impacted my brain's ability to create dreams while I sleep. That sounds like something possible, right?

I try to look at the positives in things. I look at getting fired from Outback as one of the best things that happened to me. People have asked me if I was mad about it, and I always said no. Most of the people asking were fellow (now former) co-workers who would follow that up by asking if I would ever go back. I would laugh and say some variation of "fuck that!"

As some time has passed, I'm starting to get a little angry about things. It'll pass soon, but let me explain. I was fired. Then I went a couple weeks without a job. Then I got the new job. I just got my first paycheck from the new job a couple days ago. I went about a month without an income. I had saved enough money to basically survive for a month. I didn't splurge or do anything crazy. I paid my bills and went out to see my friends a few times. I'm not irresponsible with money. That's about the only aspect of my life I'm not irresponsible in.

To get to the point, that cushion of money I had saved is running low and this next round of bills are coming up. I'm working and will have money coming to me, I just don't have it yet. Instead of what I usually do, which is check the mail and then go pay my bills, I'm now checking the mail and deciding which bills I can push back for a few weeks until I get my finances caught back up.

The reason money is tight right now is because a woman got angry one night and fired me with no acceptable justification. My life is a little harder right now because somebody couldn't handle the stress of her job and took it out on me. I'm a little upset about that. Or, as the kids call it these days, "salty."

But, if that's the only problem in my life, I guess I'm doing pretty good.

We'll see where life takes me from here. I'm getting used to things at work and not getting as lost when people ask me questions. I've had people say that it takes at least six months to really know what you're doing there.

I'll keep you updated on how that goes.

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