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SGA meeting notes; election results revealed [04-10-13]

Results of the SGA elections were revealed at the 04-10-13 meeting of Concord's Student Government Association. For those who weren't present and didn't see it on the SGA's Facebook page, the 2013-2014 SGA elected members are:

President: Chelsey Rowe
Vice-President: Greg Stamp
Business Manager: Genevieve Hatcher
Attorney General: Kenny Breslin
Public Defender: Greg Slone
Board of Governors: Cody Boone
9 Senators were elected.

If you want to see the following information as written down in my notes I take during the meeting, click here. During the meeting, I took a picture of the results and tweeted them. Things went about the way I thought they would. The one that surprises me, though, is Greg Stamp. That's nothing against him, it's just that the elections are usually just a popularity contest and I saw where that could have hurt him. But, I'm sure he'll do a good job, just like the rest of the elected officials.

At the very worst, if they just continue the "holding pattern" of not destroying the SGA but not really doing much like the current administration is doing, then they'll be fine. But, hopefully they build upon this lackluster year and move forward.

Here's what else happened at the meeting. Click here to see a picture that I took. President Josh Hanna is in the middle. Parliamentarian Andrew Miller is beside him, followed by Attorney General Richard Babich. The guy in the foreground on the left, with the green shirt and ponytail, is Greg Stamp, VP-elect.

Stamp kicked off the meeting, as he is the Faculty Senate student representative, and gave a report from the Faculty Senate meeting. He noted that Concord is looking to change their current campaign against academic dishonesty to focus more on promoting academic honesty, to give it a more positive connotation. He also said that the nationwide search for a new Vice President and Academic Dean will be discontinued until May, when we should have a clearer idea on what the university's President Gregory Aloia is doing in regard to staying or leaving. And, as is said at some point every year, Concord's strategic plan is in need of an updating.

The Board of Governors met on April 9. BOG Student representative Adam Pauley gave a summary of the meeting. He attended three BOG committee meetings, and here is a rundown of those:

The student affairs committee ... noted that "commuter appreciation week" will be next week ... and that construction of the new "wing span" restaurant will begin in the next fiscal year, which starts in July and should be ready by Homecoming

academic affairs committee ... roughly 60 programs offered by CU and looking into ways to review those more efficiently, as they only go through 5 per year

finance and facilities committee ... it is looking like a 5 percent tuition increase (roughly $265 more) is going to go into place for the next academic year ... there's going to be approximately a $3.4 million increase in operating costs and the BOG is looking into a plan to save $2.8 million of that, which would mean only seeing a 5 percent increase ... regarding room & board, they are looking at different options including a 1, 2, 3, or net-zero percent increase

"The Board is adamant on keeping an increase as low as possible," Pauley said.

This is something that impacts every student of Concord University. Adam is trying to fight for the students and make sure that you don't have to pay more than you absolutely have to in order to attend CU in the fall.

Time is running out for solutions. We should know by the next BOG meeting what will happen. If you're interested in any of this get in touch with Adam. I'm sure he'd like to hear from concerned students.

Business Manager Derek Cline brought forth 2 budgets to the senate. Some Appalachian Shakespeare production deal requested and received $1131.28 for costumes and whatnot. Greg Stamp is involved with that, so get in touch with him for more details if you're interested. And Pi Kappa Phi received an allocation of $1365 to cover registration fees for a leadership conference.

Vice-President Chelsey Rowe announced another event for the upcoming Spring Fling week. What I have quoted her as saying is, "This thing, it's kind of like bungee jumping. It's set up on, like, four trampolines." About halfway through the presidential debate I thought it would have been a fun idea to count how many times she said "like."

President Josh Hanna reiterated from his report last week that nominations for the Friedl Award are due April 24.

Celia Laverty, chair of the SGA's Beckley committee, noted that Beckley students wanted to be more involved in planning for Concord's Homecoming events in the fall. Current VP Chelsey Rowe, who planned last semester's events, noted that she reached out to Beckley students and did not receive input. So, we'll see what happens next semester.

The Dining committee chair said that more details of the "Wing Span" restaurant will be available soon (which is what he has said for the past month). Also said that a representative from Aramark (Concord's food provider) involved with Wing Span will be on campus April 24.

Publicity committee chair, Genevieve Hatcher, said that the SGA website is done and that they are just waiting for "IT people" to put it on the student tab of Concord's website. Said she will start putting fliers around campus promoting the facebook and twitter pages. Ended her report by saying that she will try to keep the accounts up-to-date.

The final three committee reports all said nothing. The Safety committee chair said they were looking into grants. The SGA Affairs committee chair said they discussed amendments. The Technology committee chair said they were working on a survey.

In Unfinished (aka Old) Business, the amendment 3202013 passed. I'm sure barely anybody that voted for it knew what it did. It took a duty away from the Vice President and gave it to the Parliamentarian.

That's all from the meeting. I mentioned at the end of last week's blog that an article about the upcoming budget cuts should be the lead story in The Concordian. I received a facebook message a few days ago that said that it would be. That issue will be out on Wednesday, April 17. So, hopefully people will be reading it.

I might be too late to show up early on the 17th and people-watch before the meeting. I have to work on Wednesday, but my shift ends at 3. So, I should have enough time to get there before the meeting. Somebody save the seat that I've sat in for roughly the last six years. That's one advantage of showing up early - you get to pick out the same seat every week. If you want to see what I wear when I'm selling electronics, come to the April 17 meeting.

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