Friday, April 5, 2013

SGA meeting notes [04-03-13]

First off, I want to apologize for not getting notes from the other Student Government Association debates posted in a timely manner. The SGA debates were held Wednesday afternoon, after voting had already started. Immediately after the debates that night I posted a recap of the 4-way debate between Presidential candidates Cody Boone, Chelsey Rowe, Andrew Miller, and Richard Babich.

As I've noted in other blogs, I was unemployed for a few weeks there. Thursday happened to be my first day at my new job. I went in at 9 a.m. and didn't get out until after 5 p.m. and rushed to the mall immediately after due to the freak snowstorm because I didn't know how much worse the roads were going to get. I needed a long-sleeve shirt to cover my tattoos, as I'm not allowed to expose those while I'm selling electronics. Long-story short (still kind of long, though) I didn't get home until around 9 p.m. and I was tired, so I went to sleep. Friday, I worked at 9 a.m. again and by the time I was done, voting was over, so it seemed pointless to post the recaps.

If anybody wants to see the 12 pages of notes I took during the debates, I'll show them to you. Same if you'd like to see the pictures I took. If you are one of the people in the pictures and maybe want it to post on facebook or whatever, I can email or text it to you.

Before we get into the boring meeting stuff, I thought I'd share a funny story. For clarification purposes, the "Janna" mentioned is Josh Hanna, SGA President.

I was sitting in my chair before the meeting began, people watching. I saw a guy drinking a Dr. Pepper and talking to a girl. I heard him say, "Yeah, I like to get a Dr. Pepper so Janna can't get one. I think it's funny when he comes in looking for one and it's not there."

I tell this story to set up my own story. As I started getting closer to Ashley Green last fall, I realized that she was close with "Janna." I thought this would be a funny story to tell her then, and now I'm telling all of you. I said to her, "The first meeting that I went back to, I grabbed a Dr. Pepper. When Josh came in, he looked for one and I thought his reaction was funny when he couldn't find a Dr. Pepper. So, now I always try to grab a Dr. Pepper so he can't have one."

So, there's that. I wonder how many other people are hoarding Dr. Pepper?

Back to our regularly scheduled blog... Click here to see a picture from the meeting. Josh Hanna is in the middle. Parliamentarian Andrew Miller is to his left. Vice President Chelsey Rowe is to his right. Beside her is Business Manager Derek Cline.

The meeting kicked off with a report from Greg Stamp, student representative to the Faculty Senate. A few notes from Greg: The Academic Policy committee made a motion to rework the "advising mentor tactics," which will change things about advising and who a student can get their PIN from ... the faculty senate wants to make it so that students must declare a major and have an advisor before they reach 60 credit hours ... Stamp noted that each educational department at CU could see cuts that would ultimately total $3.5 million & that more itemized information should be available soon ... noted that commuters and Internet classes were up, which was taking a hit on housing ... pointed out that a majority of repairs to the President's House (the house the President lives in while working at Concord, not Aloia's personal residence) have been paid for by alumni

Board of Governors student representative Adam Pauley reminded those in attendance that the next BOG meeting will be Tuesday, April 9. We're getting close to tuition-raising time, so this should be an important meeting.

Business Manager Derek Cline said that the Budgetary committee was unable to meet earlier to decide on the budget submitted by the Sportsmans Club and would have that by the next meeting.

Vice President Chelsey Rowe is now announcing one event for the upcoming Spring Fling at each SGA meeting. The first day of Spring Fling, April 29, will feature "Black Light Bingo." It will be held in the ballroom. Rowe said, "Prizes are gonna be huge, off-the-wall crazy."

President "Janna" announced that the SGA is taking applications for the Friedl Award, which is basically a "teacher of the year" deal. See him for more information if you're interested in that. He also addressed the controversy with Concord President Dr. Gregory Aloia applying for another job. He said he spoke with Dr. Aloia, who told him that he had been approached by this school and was just exploring his options. "He's not searching," Josh said.

The dining committee chair said he met with Vice President of Administration and Associate Dean of Students Rick Dillon and Josh Hanna about the layout for the new restaurant - "Wing Span" - that will be opening on campus.

Sam Dobson, the SGA Secretary, gave the Higher Education committee report. About the "Higher Ed. Day" that the committee attended in Charleston, Dobson said, "We thought it went, overall, okay." That's similar to what he said last week as well. Somebody tell Sam that at some point this semester he needs to tell us what actually happened. As I've stated before, my guess is nothing happened.

In the highlight of the meeting for me, Publicity Committee chair Genevieve Hatcher announced the official SGA twitter account was @SGAConcord. So far, the account has 5 general-information tweets, follows 14 students (mostly just members of Alpha Sigma Alpha) and has 19 followers. So, hopefully they'll expand on that; start following a wider variety of Concord students and tweet some more meaningful and interesting stuff.

The SGA Affairs committee chair noted that they were looking into changing certain election rules and possibly raising the minimum GPA requirement to run.

For years, stuff started last week and carried over was called "Old Business," but I've noticed they've been referring to it as "Unfinished Business." Is that an official change or just something they've started saying? Who wants to take bets as to whether or not anybody actually knows the answer to that question?

Anyway... in Old/Unfinished business, the 3202013 amendment was in week 2 of its 3-week process. They had the chance this week to clean up the vague and confusing wording of it. It takes away a task from the VP and gives it to the Parliamentarian. Nobody really cared enough to worry about it, so it remains unchanged and awkward. It will be made official after mindless voting next week from senate members who don't care what the amendment does.

After the meeting, the SGA Advisor Dr. Charles Brichford gave a few more comments about budget cuts that Greg Stamp mentioned earlier. If the leadership of The Concordian cares about the students, that is definitely the lead story for next week's paper or the one after that.

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  1. Might I get the notes on Public Defender and Business Manager sent to me on FaceBook. I would enjoy seeing how you felt I and the other candidates conducted themselves. If you can I would also like to see VP and Board of Governors.

    -Gregory Slone

  2. Yeah, I'll see what I can get to you sometime later tonight or tomorrow.