Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 Concord University SGA elections

The list of students running for positions in the upcoming Student Government Association elections was released last Wednesday. Nearly five days later, a list was finally put on the SGA's official Facebook page. Actually, it's not a list, it's pictures of pictures of the candidates that are on display in the Student Center. It's a cool-looking setup. If you're on campus, check it out.

A list of candidates is below:

Richard Babich, Cody Boone, Andrew Miller, Chelsey Rowe

Kenny Breslin, Sam Dobson, Andrew Miller, Greg Stamp

Business Manager
Genevieve Hatcher, Greg Slone, Quinten Whalen

Attorney General
Kenny Breslin

Public Defender
Sam Dobson, Greg Slone

Board of Governors
Cody Boone, Kaitlynn Lilly, Zach Whitfield

And there are some Senators running, but there aren't enough for it to be a competitive race, so they're all going to get their position. Also, Kenny Breslin will be the Attorney General, as he's running uncontested.

Voting starts this Wednesday and continues through Friday. If you care to vote you'll know where the polling places are. Usually they're by the cafeteria and there has historically been one by the old SGA office, which is currently the commuter lounge (by the game room). You have to be a registered student with a valid ID.

There has been confusion swirling around as to whether or not there will be a debate between the candidates for this year. Unlike the last few years, the main positions are actually contested, and a debate would help sway any potential undecided voters. Well, in theory it would. Usually the only people who show up to debates are there to support their friends who are running. But, you never know, an undecided voter or two could swing by.

Those last few points are moot, though, as it looks like there will not be a debate. I've heard that potentially after this Wednesday's SGA meeting there will be a debate of sorts. That would be both good and bad. The good is that there will already be people in the room who will listen. The bad will be that most of them either don't care or already know who they're voting for, as they're the informed (in theory) senate. I'll keep my ears open and let you know if I hear any thing finalized regarding a debate.

If you have any questions, leave them here or on this blog's Facebook version. Hopefully somebody will help you.

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