Friday, March 8, 2013

Observations from March 8

To quote the ancient philosopher Ice Cube, today was a good day. Sitting at Starbucks sipping my iced chai tea and felt like throwing out a few random notes.

My ringworm is clearing up. Check my last blog post for more information about that. Again, it's not a worm. It's like athlete's foot on a patch of your skin. I've been applying my topical cream and it should be gone before you know it.

I received in the mail today my copy of "The Last of McGuinness," the self-made documentary chronicling Nigel McGuinness' retirement tour from professional wrestling. For those local people, the former Ring of Honor World Champion's last match was in West Virginia. And, for trivia, Mick Foley's first match ever was in Poca, West Virginia.

Perhaps my most popular piece I wrote for Tricycle Offense was a look at the career of Nigel McGuinness. Click here to read it. Ring of Honor had recently released a retrospective DVD of his career and it included an interview w/ McGuinness. I wrote about that and about the secrecy surrounding the end of his career. He answers those questions in "The Last of McGuinness." Click here to see a trailer. This is the version for wrestling fans, and word is he's re-editing the documentary to be more "mainstream" for potential festival circuits and whatnot.

If you're a Concord University student, check out this week's issue of The Concordian, their newspaper. I am indirectly involved in the main story. It's an article by Sara Cameron, a staff writer, about the Badfish concert Concord hosted. Badfish are a Sublime tribute band.

I mentioned in a previous blog that I was talking to Trena Bolin about going back to Concord. I went into her office and was exchanging pleasantries with her. I noticed a girl was sitting in there. Suddenly, Trena (remembering my newspaper-ing past) said, "Chris can probably help you out." Turns out that girl was Sara Cameron and she was coming up with questions to ask the band. While I figured out what I needed to do to go back to school, I cranked out some questions for her.

I read the article and looked at the paper today. I'll leave it at that. If they're happy with what they're producing and feel like it's what the students of Concord need to read, then more power to them. It's not what I would be producing if I were in charge of it and it's not really what I would be interested in reading as a student, but I'm not the typical Concord student.

I stopped in and saw Trena again today. We're one step closer to me being a student of Concord University. I'll keep you updated on that.

Related to Concord, the Jerry Beasley Student Center has been renamed the "Jean and Jerry Beasley Student Center," after Jerry's wife passed away. I don't know when that happened, I would assume sometime in the last month or so, since she hasn't been gone that long. Click here to read a blog I wrote about Jean Beasley.

Today is March 8, 2013. What were you doing on March 8, 2002? Eleven years ago, over a decade. Well, eleven years ago, I was 15-years-old and working up the courage to ask Kelly Goodrich to date me. I finally asked her outside after school before I got on my bus. I had been wanting to do that for a while but had trouble doing it. I get nervous sometimes.

We maintained our relationship in various forms (including living together) until the end of 2010. It's taken some time, but we've worked ourselves back into being really good friends since then. I saw her a couple days ago and it was odd. We see each other so infrequently now, it's almost weird to think that we spent nearly every day together for almost a decade. We slipped seamlessly back into telling old jokes and making fun of people and giggling nonstop. It was nice.

I haven't talked much about the Mountain Slate project lately. It's on hold for the time being. I'd like to get more involved as the weather warms up. I got bogged down with work and "real life." It's hard to work on a passion project when your job destroys your will to live. Well, not that bad, but it is oftentimes mentally and physically exhausting.

The other thing is money. It is so sad and disheartening when the only thing stopping you from your dream is money. That's where I'm at right now. I have no doubt in my abilities to create a magazine. I can do it and it will be amazing. I know that for a fact. I just can't make money appear out of nowhere.

I had been talking to people and exploring avenues. I'm going to get back into that. Like I wrote previously, 2012 was the year I slept away. I need to change that in 2013 and getting this back off the ground will be a positive step.

As a final note, if you haven't seen the trailer for "The Hangover: Part III," do so. It looks interesting. Click here to see it. The first movie was awesome and the second had its moments. The problem with part 2 was that it was basically part 1 but in a different locale. I've read that's not the case with the new one; that it's a different type of adventure.

That's all for now. I'll check back in later.

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