Saturday, March 30, 2013

My vacation is over

I got the call. I go in Monday. My vacation is over. And by "vacation" I mean "not having a job after I was fired." I'm sure most of you know all about that by now. If not, go read the last few blog posts. I don't think it was fair, but as I've learned over the last few years, life really isn't fair. Bad things happen to good people.

One of the things I miss the most about not working at Outback is that I don't get to see my friends as often. I used to see the majority 4-5 days out of the week, I have now seen a select few at the bar 2 times since I was fired. And there are still some that I haven't seen at all. Again, that's the way life goes. We have to make plans to see each other now, so we'll see how many of my "work friends" transition into "real life friends." Hopefully it's a lot.

The best thing about not working there anymore is that my head is a lot clearer and I'm happier, relatively speaking. I'm not happy that I haven't had an income for nearly two weeks, but I feel good that I don't dread going to a job that I didn't like.

I spent the first few days doing nothing but laying around watching wrestling and The Simpsons on DVD. I enjoyed being able to relax and not worry.

I wrote a blog months ago about how I had the Pixies "Where is My Mind" stuck in my head one day while I was at work. The reason for that was because you don't have to use your mind in a job like that. All you have to do is have working arms and legs to carry things and clean. You know the saying, "If you don't use it you lose it"? That's very applicable here.

I hated waking up to go to work so I didn't wake up. I layed in bed all day feeling sorry for myself until I had to go. Then at night I was usually too physically and mentally wiped out to do anything of substance so I would usually go hang out at a bar or sit in my bedroom and watch wrestling. It was a pretty pathetic life.

My mind turned to mush. I didn't do anything creative so I had no creative spark. I just lived day-to-day not worrying about anything except how much I hated my job. I did that for most of a year.

I have been out of that existence for barely two weeks and I already feel confident that I'm turning my life around. I've been on Concord's campus probably more times in these last two weeks than the previous year combined. I'm officially registered in classes and am a student for the fall 2013 semeseter. I just have to get financial aid stuff sorted out and then I'll be good. If you fail your classes for years, they don't really like to give you money. They just think you're going to fail again.

I have plans in place to do some things in the next couple weeks and months, journalism related. I have things I want to research and write. I haven't had the urge to do that on a steady basis in a long time. Speaking of ideas, I've been emailing story ideas to the Princeton Times newspaper lately. They've been ignoring me, which I figured would happen, but I'm still sending them.

I wrote something creative for the first time in a while on Friday, a satirical piece to potentially be included in this week's coming "April Fools" issue of The Concordian, Concord's student newspaper. It wasn't my idea to write it, but I don't disagree with the sentiment. I had a couple Concord employees say to me, "Have you heard about this?" I looked at the information and processed it. Later they both suggested that I write about it. So, as a favor to them I did it.

I think it's kind of funny and gets the point across that I'm trying to draw attention to. We'll see if they print it. I believe the only school year since 2004-2005 that I have not had anything printed in The Concordian was the 2010-2011 year. I submitted an album review to the paper in the 2011-2012 academic year.

Historically, the "April Fools" issues of The Concordian have been bad. The problem with that is that a lot of the writers didn't understand satire. They would just write fake articles with no rhyme or reason. It's good satire if you're using it to bring attention to an issue or to spoof something or make fun of somebody. If you can read it and go, "Hmmmm I see why they did that. Let's pay more attention to [this issue]" then you've done your job.

One of my favorite things about being the Editor-in-Chief of The Concordian was when I got to announce to my staff that we weren't having an April Fools issue. My official reason was because we didn't have time to produce an extra issue. I didn't want to tell them that I thought all of their stories would suck.

In the Spring of 2006, the staff decided that instead of an April Fools issue they would have a "How the year should have been" edition to be included in the final paper. That was when Jesse Call was in charge of the paper and we weren't on the best of terms. Click here to find out why. Our fake articles were snarky little digs at each other. I wrote about how students finally realized how corrupt and morally bankrupt their SGA was. Jesse wrote about how students had finally learned how to settle their issues without being petty and spiteful on their blogs.

So, that's where we were at that point in our relationship. It's kind of funny to look back at it now and think about how dumb we were. You live & learn, I guess.

That's where I'll leave us for now. I'll keep you updated on how my life goes in the next little bit.

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