Friday, March 1, 2013

Concord University Student Government Association meeting [02-27-13]

I had another Wednesday free, so I attended a meeting of Concord University's Student Government Association. It was low-key; not much of interest happened. Probably the most exciting thing was that I tweeted about being at the meeting and Eric Proffit, a Concord alum and former SGA member, started texting me. We made jokes that only SGA members circa 2007 would understand.

Speaking of SGA members circa 2007, I attended the meeting with my friend Ashley Green. She graduated but has a job on campus and we made plans to be lame and attend an SGA meeting together. We reconnected over the fall season after we found out we had mutual friends who worked together at Pizza Hut. So, we hung out and talked about the differences between then and now.

I tweeted a picture as the meeting began. Click here to see it. Guy in the middle is the SGA President, Josh Hanna. To his left, on the computer, is Richard Babich, the attorney general. Babich is one of three people that I recognize from "back in my day" of the SGA. When he was just an organizational representative and I was still that weird guy who blogs, we would sit together and goof off. We initially met in an English night class, then spotted each other at the SGA meetings. We figured that since we saw each other twice a week we should start talking. When I decided last semester to start attending meetings again, Richard was the guy I Facebook messaged to see what was going on and who was who.

Anyway... Here's what happened at the meeting.

The Business Manager, Derek Cline, mentioned that the fraternity Pi Kappa Phi submitted a budget that failed in the Budgetary committee's meeting. A group submits a request for money, the committee meets to see if it makes sense, then they bring it before the SGA and the voting members decide to give them the money.

There is now a Beckley committee, who is the liaison between Concord's main Athens campus and the Beckley campus. The chair said she was setting up two different kinds of meetings - one with a small, focused group and another open-forum style meeting with a bunch of people. She had an open forum meeting and brought forth to the SGA things that the Beckley students like and don't like. They like once-a-week class meetings and that the Concord advisers will travel to Beckley to help them occasionally. They dislike that there are not more night classes at 7 p.m. and a lack of higher-level classes.

The Concord University Student Affairs committee, abbreviated CUSAC and pronounced Q-Sack, did not get to meet last week due to the inclement weather. Committee chair Chelsea Rowe said that in the future they plan to meet with Kathy Ball (of the Bonner House) to discuss matters relating to Concord's tobacco policy.

Here's where it might get a little confusing. The Green Sustainability committee and Housing committee are working on something relating to new dryers in the dorms. But, I guess they've talked about it in more detail previously, so I have no clue what they're talking about.

The Green committee chair said they they met with the Housing committee and are going to speak with the Head of Housing Bill Fraley about getting new dryers in the dorms.

This segued into the Housing committee report. The Housing committee chair said that Bill Fraley has said that he will look more into the dryer situation after Spring Break. The chair said that the dryers would be expensive due to wiring concerns.

I'm guessing the dryers are more "green" or something along those lines. If anybody wants to elaborate here in the comments section or on Facebook, feel free to.

The Publicity chair committee gave her report. She said that they were still working on updating the SGA's social media platforms.

And this is where I editorialize a little bit...

It's probably time for the SGA to get a new Publicity committee chair, because that committee has obviously failed at its task - to publicize the SGA. I keep asking this and nobody ever answers. How hard is it to use social media and relate it to the SGA? I did it. I tweeted a picture of the meeting. Why can't they do that? Why can't they send out tweets or Facebook status updates that say basically everything in this blog post? Why can't they post a Facebook status that says, "What do you think about _______?" and let people get involved?

The SGA's twitter (@CUSGA) is embarrassing to look at. Same with the SGA's Facebook. I sent it a friend request a long time ago and it has never accepted. I don't know if I'm missing some reason why it is so hard to figure out how to do this. It's Facebook and it's Twitter. These things are not complicated. Either they need to figure something out or the SGA President needs to take a stand and appoint a new committee chair who can actually get something done.

Here's my disclaimer:

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  1. Chris-
    This years SGA gave Derek Cline (Business Manager) the authority to do whatever he wanted to do with the budget. Derek stood up and told them that it was a bad idea and to keep in mind that he won't always be the Business Manager.
    I think that was the most shocking thing that has happened this semester.