Thursday, March 28, 2013

Concord University SGA meeting [03-27-13]

I have a job, but I have yet to start working there, so I had this Wednesday afternoon free and as a result attended the 03-27-13 meeting of Concord University's Student Government Associaiton. On a sidenote, not working is one of the most fun things that you can do. I understand why so many skanks around here fake getting on welfare and abuse the system. I'll eventually start working once my background check comes back. Until then, I'm enjoying my vacation.

Election season is underway in the SGA. The candidates were released Thursday, 03-28. I wasn't supposed to find out before then, but I heard from three different people who was running for what. I don't remember who is running for everything, so I tried to look online for a list. I couldn't find one. We all know the issues with the Twitter and Facebook that I've blogged about. I tried to look for their webpage, but I could only find one from a few years ago that still listed Wes Prince as the President. That's a travesty I didn't need to be reminded about.

So, if you care, you'll find out who's running. The popular rumor for a couple months has been that current VP Chelsey Rowe is running for President. I'm pretty sure that she is. I heard Richard Babich was also running for President. That's all I remember off the top of my head.

Here's where I reveal my age - here's a fun story from "back in my day." Check out the blog, "Memories from the campaign trail" and take a look at the 2006 SGA elections. That's the first time that "tickets" were ever used in the elections. Also, I believe it was the first and last time that tickets were used effectively. The pictures that I embedded were from Rocky Seay's facebook page and he has since deleted them, so they just show up as boxes with a red "X" in them. So, apologies for that. But, the story is still good.

Anyway, it was a fairly underwhelming SGA meeting. I guess that's the theme for this year's Student Government Associaiton. They haven't ruined anything, but nothing really looks like it has gotten done. I don't attend regularly, so if anything of note has gotten done and anybody wants to let us know, feel free to leave a comment.

I attended the meeting again with Ashley Green, Concord graduate and former SGA Faculty Senate rep, Senator, and SGA Affairs committee chair (among other things). Yeah, we're hanging out [cue shocked gasp from the audience]. It was a decent crowd at the meeting. Click here to see a picture. I believe Josh Hanna, the SGA President, is smiling because he noticed me taking a picture of him and tried not to laugh. Next to him is the Parliamentarian. Richard Babich is next in line, followed by Sam Dobson, SGA Secretary.

Notes from the meeting:

Board of Governors student representative Adam Pauley announced that the next BOG meeting will be April 9. That's an important thing to follow, as we're getting to the point where they're going to have to decide whether or not to raise tuition for the next academic year.

The Ombudsman noted that the curtains in the Wilson Hall recreation room were broken. He spoke with Housing Director Bill Fraley, who said that he would replace them if there was room in the budget.

Richard Babich, the Attorney General, in his report said that one of his job duties is to verify the GPA of students running for positions in the SGA elections. He said that since he was running, to avoid a conflict of interest, his GPA would be verified by the Prime Justice.

Vice President Chelsey Rowe noted that Spring Fling was coming up soon. "I'm kind of keeping everything a secret," she said of the events that will be there. I guess we'll find out more in the coming weeks. It would probably be in her best interest to say, "I got you all this cool shit for Spring Fling. Vote for me for President." That doesn't mean she'll make a great President, but the uneducated voter doesn't know that.

President Josh Hanna noted that graduating seniors can take an assessment to critique Concord University, but only if you have attended CU since your freshman year. It's called the "CLA," and I wrote down what it stood for, but what I have in my notes is "Col. Learning Assessment." Maybe the "Col." stands for Collaborative? Contact him for more information if you're interested in taking it. I believe the test is sometime next week.

In the Beckley committee report, the committee chair noted that students there would like to see more honors courses available. She also brought up that they have to pay for all copies they make there, despite paying the same technology fee in their tuition that gives students on the main campus free printing. She also brought up whether or not Beckley students would be able to vote for SGA President. Somebody (I believe the Prime Justice) said that they would be able to and he was attempting to organize a trip for candidates to appear on the Beckley campus.

In an example of a committee report that says nothing, VP Rowe said that the Concord University Student Affairs Committee (abbreviated CUSAC, pronounced Q-Sack) voted on "expungment" or something along those lines.

The Dining committee chair said that more information about the new restaurant "Wing Span" opening on campus should be available next week.

The Green Sustainability committee chair said that a "Black Out" was planned for sometime this semester. I guess that's where they try to get people to turn their lights out for a period of time?

Sam Dobson gave the Higher Education committee report. He said, "Higher Ed. Day was last week. It was fun." Maybe one day we'll find out what they did. My guess is nothing.

Genevieve Hatcher gave the Publicity committee report. I finally learned how to spell her name. She said the SGA webpage should be done soon. If you have any information that you want tweeted, get it to her. She is still attempting to get an advertisement in The Concordian for the Facebook and Twitter information. She said she will try to keep everything up to date. I'm just going to slowly shake my head and move on...

In Old Business, a budget had been tabled from last week while they looked into the legalities of providing state funds to spend on food. Business Manager Derek Cline determined that it was okay, so the organization Blue Key received a full allocation of $932.93 for whatever they needed to do. I guess they said it last week.

In New Business, Amemdment 3202013 was brought forth. It's part of the 3-week process, so they voted to discuss it next week, then the week after that they'll vote on whether or not to adopt it. It looks like it takes away a task from the Vice President and gives it to the Parliamentarian. It's not really written clearly and is kind of confusing, so hopefully they'll fix all of that next week.

A new Judiciary committee was created, as the previous AD HOC committee had disbanded. The members were announced, but I didn't catch the names. The Chief Justice is a member of the committee and Ashley told me that he's not supposed to be. She's a former chair of the committe, so she knows what she's talking about.

The SGA also created an Election committee, designed to make sure all of the rules are followed and whatnot. Somebody said, I believe the Chief Justice, that "Nobody on the committee is running for a position, so they're not biased." While that's not necessarily true, it does make for a good sound bite.

At the end of the meeting, Rick Dillon, one of Concord's Vice Presidents, made an announcement about the asbestos removal from the Fine Arts Building. He wanted to make clear to everybody that this was not something unexpected. They knew of the asbestos and it had been contained years ago. The removal was part of the ongoing repairs to the building. Nothing is dangerous, as he noted, "These are certified, legitimate, long-serving asbestos-removal professionals." He said that while the removal people were on campus, they would be checking the library for asbestos.

That was it for the meeting. In one final note, I mentioned in my last blog that I was attending Concord University's first annual "Lebowski Fest," an event held around the world based on the movie The Big Lebowski. One of the biggest problems with anything at Concord University is apathy. If you've ever wondered why you're seemingly not allowed to have nice things, it's because nobody comes out to anything. If you're not going to watch this movie and listen to the live music, why would they want to spend money on anything else? That money, by the way, is mostly from your tuition.

That was probably the least-attended Boatmen concert ever at Concord. To again show my age, I had classes with lead singer Nick Durm back in the day.

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  1. I don't know why Hatcher is still attempting to get an ad in the Concordian... Why doesn’t she just email the Concordian We'd be happy to place something in the announcements board or run an ad. I check the email frequently and haven't seen anything from her.

    Also, as far as the Fine Arts building is concerned I find it humorous that Dillon wanted to make it clear to everybody that this was not something unexpected. Really? Then why were our art professors sent an email the night before telling them that they had until 10 a.m. the next morning to grab what they needed from their offices until the repairs were completed. Their offices are covered with plaster! I can't wait to see what they walk into once the repairs are completed. Why couldn't this have been completed during Spring Break??

    1. That's interesting. Are any reporters looking into the asbestos issue for the paper? I think we need the real story, instead of Rick Dillon's possible sugar-coating.

  2. Here's the link to the new SGA Facebook page -

    So far, there is only one status update on it. It says, "Once the website is done Friday and the twitter is updated we will put the links on here. Thank you for everyone's patience there's a lot of work that goes into this."

    So, go "like" that if you'd like.

  3. The web page will be done and complete by Friday. Melinda Hatfield is working on it and that is the expected date she has given me. For Facebook and Twitter, we are working on having all the information uploaded and having it correlate with the web page. Scott Noble is on my publicity committee and we have discussed amongst our meetings that when everything was finished, we would have the Concordian publish this. This is what I announced during the SGA meeting and why I have not yet contacted Akers.

  4. As an alumni of concord. And former SGA Member it seems as if things have calmed down a lot. I hope the current student leadership is out to make a difference leave a legacy of service to others before self.

    1. Hopefully the current leadership sees this and takes it to heart.