Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hair... and what drives me to succeed

My day started off interesting, as I watched a woman almost hit my car. I was at a gas station and I was walking back to my car. The woman was turning into the spot beside mine. As she was going for it, she stopped dangerously close to my car and corrected herself before she hit it. That was a tense couple seconds.

In other news, we think I have ringworm. There are no actual worms involved; it's just a gross-sounding name. It's kind of like athlete's foot, but on a patch of your skin. I'm applying a topical cream and it should clear up.

My hair is the longest it's been in a couple years. I really haven't had a particular hair style. Like The White Stripes said, "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself." I realized the other day that I've basically just been growing my hair out and periodically cutting it for the last decade.

I got my hair cut in February 2003, when I was in the eleventh grade. I started growing it out my senior year of high school and didn't get it cut until right before college, in the summer of 2004. I didn't get a haircut my freshman year of college. I got two my sophomore year. From the spring of 2006 of my sophomore year until the summer of 2009 I only had an occasional hair trim.

If you're friends with me on Facebook, I have an album that is nothing but photos of my hair over the years. In early 2009 I was looking through my old facebook and noticed that you could pretty much see my hair growing in the pictures of me I had posted over the years. I decided to put some of the better ones in one album so you could see the progression from photo to photo. Then I cut my hair and the album was still there, so I occasionally post a random picture of my hair there to this day.

Click here to see a blog that includes a video of me walking into my mom's house unannounced after getting 3 years worth of hair cut off. Her reaction is pretty funny.

I sort of have a reason for getting my hair cut. It's the only reason I've gotten my hair cut over the last almost two years. Whenever I have another reason, I'll get it cut.

It was getting too long to just do nothing with. I tried to part it one day, but I was told by a reliable source - a gay guy I work with who wants to be a hairdresser - that the parted look wasn't working for me. So, I bought some gel and experimented with slicking it back. It seems to be a popular style for me. Aside from a few "Dapper Dan" jokes, people seem to like it.

Somewhat related to my hair (not really), I have been talking to people at Concord University and making arrangements to become a student again. I've wasted enough time, I might as well go do it. I'm only 20 hours away from graduating. I look at 2012 as the year that I slept through. What did I accomplish last year? Aside from working and not being a piece of shit, not much.

And I've learned that while a degree really is just a piece of paper, you need that piece of paper for people to respect you. I read a NY Times article recently that looked at how a college degree is basically the new high school diploma. You need it before you can advance anywhere in life. And I'd like to start advancing in life.

People usually make a set of career goals in life, things they want to accomplish. I have been making mine as I go, not really harping on them too much. I officially have two goals in life that I want to accomplish. They're both related.

On two occasions recently, I feel like I have been disrespected for the simple fact that I don't have a college degree. The only thing I want to do in life right now is accomplish so much that those people feel bad for what they did to me. I want those people to say, "Ya know, maybe I should have given him the courtesy of replying to his email."

I don't know if what I'm doing is bitterness. Anger? Jealousy? I don't think it's any of those things. I have a drive to succeed. I just don't have a drive to go to class and turn in homework. I need to start doing that so I can make other people feel as low as they made me feel.

It's probably not healthy, but it's what drives me.

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