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Concord University Student Government meeting [02-13-13]

I guess the most prominent question is "Why?" Why do you keep going? You're not enrolled in classes. You're older than everybody. It's weird. Steven Davis used to make fun of you and say you'd be that 30-year-old guy still going to SGA meetings.

All that might be true. Except for that last sentence. So far I'm just the 26-year-old guy who goes to meetings. I'm a semester or two away from graduating, as soon as I make the decision to go back. The current plan is to go back in the fall. What the Student Government Association does right now will impact the fall semester, of which I hope to be a student. I've said it so much that I don't even know if people believe me - the SGA is the most important student organization at Concord University. There is so much potential for them to get things accomplished. What they accomplish is up to the student leaders presently in charge and the future ones learning underneath them.

I hung out after the meeting and had a nice conversation with Josh Hanna, the SGA President. I don't think I'd ever talked to him before. He seems like a nice guy. Insert Tommy Boy quote: "And all you can say is, 'hmmmmm, he seems like a nice guy.'"

Anyway, here's what happened at the SGA meeting. I took a picture before it started and tweeted it. Click here to see it. Josh is the guy in the middle, wearing the snazzy green sweater. Pretty lady sitting to his right is the Vice President, Chelsea Rowe. Portly guy in the back row wearing the gray jacket is the Technology committee chair. I don't know his name. He doesn't seem important. I just thought it would be funny to call him portly.

When I first got to the meeting, I thought to myself, "I hope there was a Board of Governors meeting on Tuesday." I'm a nerd, I know. So, I was very excited when the meeting kicked off with BOG student representative Adam Pauley giving a recap of Tuesday's 4 1/2 hour BOG meeting.

Adam said that the BOG talked about a gender equity plan for Concord athletics, pertaining to coaches and other positions.

I don't know all of the details, so forgive me if I get something wrong here. But he also spoke of a plan to broaden repair projects at North and South Towers from the original 3 million dollar price tag up to 12.5 million. Not sure when those projects will begin, or if they're still in the preliminary stages.

Pauley announced that Concord will be receiving an interest-free $5000 loan from the HEPC for various building repairs, giving the new roof on the science building as an example. The loan will be paid back over a period of five years.

Faculty Senate student representative Greg Stamp gave his report next. On a sidenote: Greg is one of the few students I remember from "back in my day" of reporting on SGA meetings. He brought up that the Faculty Senate brought up a potential new pay plan, which Greg said would be of a more equal scale. I don't know if this was a coincidence or not, but right after he said that, I noticed that SGA Faculty Advisor Dr. Charles Brichford whispered something to Vice President of Student Affairs Marjie Flanigan. They both quietly laughed.

In President Hanna's report, he noted that there was a banquet on the 25th and that three students were being honored. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he said what the banquet was for and that I just didn't notice. The three students being honored were Adam Pauley, Jenn-Uhhh-Veev Hatcher, and Montana [something]. If anybody knows Montana's last name or how to spell Jenn-Uhhh-Veev's name, fill me in.

SGA Secretary Sam Dobson, giving the Higher Education committee's report, brought up a resolution for a petition to make sure that higher education is exempt from budget cuts. He noted that Marshall University made a similar petition. I'm not going to say anything about that until they figure out what they're doing. Apparently the resolution was written entirely wrong and Dr. Brichford stated in much nicer words, "If you don't know what the fuck you're doing, come ask me for help." But, that's essentially what he said.

The Publicity committee noted that they finally figured out the password to the SGA twitter and facebook accounts. They're going to put an ad in The Concordian so people will know to follow them. Regarding the SGA's attempts at social media over the years, imagine me giving a deep sigh and shaking my head. Read this blog I wrote in 2010 about SGA transparency. It still applies in 2013 -

Three budgets were passed.

Tau Kappa Epsilon received $1500 to attend a regional leadership conference.

The Roth 5K Walk/Run received $1441 for shirts and trophies and other similar materials.

Relay 4 Life received a $500 allocation. Technically, this was referred to as a donation. I don't know if they looked into this or not, but in 2010, there were issues with the SGA trying to donate money and found out that legally you cannot donate state funds. Maybe it's different because it's from one campus group to another. Because it's officially listed as a budgetary allocation, maybe that's the loophole to get around it. Relay 4 Life raises awareness for cancer research, for those who don't know. Walking is involved. Click here and read #5 on my list for more information about the SGA's 2010 donation issues.

That looks like everything from the meeting. If I missed anything or got anything wrong, let me know. If I have some more Wednesday afternoons free, I'll try to pop into a meeting here and there. Hopefully they'll get their facebook & twitter up and start telling me what's going on.

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