Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gerti's article in Prerogative

For those who have been looking forward to it, the current issue of Prerogative magazine (Princeton's women-oriented periodical) has been released. In it is a story by my girlfriend, Candace Nelson, about the Omelet Spot's favorite server, Gerti.

If you'll recall, I posted a blog in late August asking people for help with the article. Since Candace lives in Morgantown, she was unable to speak to a lot of Princeton residents and get their perspective of why they like Gerti. So, I asked people to give me some quotes to give her. I received several comments on the blog post itself and also on Facebook.

If you posted a comment on my Facebook or last blog, odds are you are featured in the article. Here's how you can read it:

Go to and scroll down until you find "Prerogative Magazine | Meals and Memories (part 1) (part 2)." Part 1 is the title page and part 2 is the story. Prerogative doesn't have a strong online presence, so Candace made it a PDF and put it on her own website.

There you go. Enjoy.

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