Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thoughts from the 10-10-12 Concord SGA meeting

I'm a little late with some thoughts, as I was busy during the last week. But, I attended the 10-10-12 meeting of Concord University's Student Government Association. Here are some notes:

The student representative to the Faculty Senate, Greg Stamp, gave a rundown of the last meeting that he attended. He noted that some "computer people" (my words, not his) had been hired. Concord is also advertising for a new web manager. I asked somebody who I thought would be qualified, but he wasn't interested. There was also a proposal to make a minor wording change to the Concord University mission statement.

Josh Hanna, SGA President, discussed the extra Monday issue. He spoke with Dr. George Towers, associate academic dean, and fostered a discussion with those present at the meeting. Dr. Towers assured Josh that part of students Thanksgiving Break will not be taken away in order to create an extra Monday for classes.

Hanna said that he and Dr. Towers discussed having classes on Labor Day, but would have to look into the state policy regarding the legality of that.

Another issue discussed during the meeting was the possibility of adding an extra 5 or 10 minutes to classes. It seems like a small thing, but adding 10 minutes to each class would allow the semester to finish in 12 1/2 weeks instead of the required 15. People against that idea brought up the fact that students still have to stay in class for 15 weeks regardless. And, the scheduling of classes would have to change, as there needs to be a 10-minute window between classes.

As of now, nothing is official and people are still discussing things. Greg Stamp brought up forming a committee to discuss this further. The SGA President did not seem to be interested in that. He said if anybody would like to discuss it further with him, they could see him during his office hours. He did not list what those were, though.

I agree with Greg Stamp. This SGA seems uninterested in committees because they don't really know what can and should be accomplished in them. Committees are for brainstorming and coming up with ideas and potential solutions to solve problems.

The people who complain about how long the meetings last should push for the committees to be formed and accomplish things, that way they wouldn't have to be discussed during the meeting. I doubt this semester we will see a motion for "informal discussion." The reason for that is because the whole meeting is nothing but informal discussion.

In related committee news, the Vice President announced that committees will finally be formed at the 10-18-12 SGA meeting. The committees that are supposed to be formed within the first couple weeks of the semester will finally be formed in the middle of October.

Again, a big reason I think forming committees wasn't seen as something that needed to be done was because I don't think a lot of people understand what they can accomplish.

We'll see what they can get done in the next few weeks. Hopefully I'm proven wrong and these committees are actually used to the fullest of their potential.

Somebody will need to tell me if anything fun or exciting happens at the 10-18 meeting, as I won't be present. Real life has gotten in the way of blogging and I have to work. Maybe the technology committee will get formed and update their twitter and facebook so I'll know what happened...

I'll also miss seeing the third issue of The Concordian, as it's now bi-weekly and will be printed this Wednesday. I'll have to track down a copy and check it out. If I can offer anything to the Editor-in-Chief or Adviser, or anybody on the staff who cares... If somebody criticizes the paper, whether constructive or not, I think the writers should be held to a certain decorum and should be advised against ending a rebuttal by calling somebody a "self-entitled baby." It doesn't make them look good and, by proxy, it doesn't make the staff look good. Click here and read the comments if you don't know what I'm talking about.

That's it for now. If you'd like to add anything, feel free.

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