Monday, September 24, 2012

SGA meeting notes [09-19-12]

I attended the Sept. 19, 2012 meeting of Concord University's Student Government Association. I'm also very lazy, so I'm just now writing about it. Anyway...

I received a comment on my last blog, but I didn't realize it for a few days, so I only recently got around to responding to it. Since a lot of people may not have seen it, I'll post it here. It's anonymous:

Is this supposed to be a reputable blog? I'd heard of you quite a bit since my transition to the CART department, and none of it has been good. This seems more like the ramblings of an angsty tween than a news blog. That being said, the barefoot gentleman was not the president. He's the business manager and he's barefoot for a good cause. If you were a decent journalist, you'd do your homework before spewing ignorance.

As far as "The Concordian" goes, Scott's doing fine. So what if he doesn't like the office? It's a depressing hell-hole that's now adjacent to someone's office, so there's no privacy, save for a curtain. The Concordian was a joke last semester. Between TJ's need to be a diva and focusing on his band, and Stephen being a poor writer/editor, the paper had no strong leadership. Tori worked at it, but her heart just wasn't in it anymore. TJ stopped caring because of his band and Dr. Williams supposedly ruining his life, all because Dr. Williams wouldn't bend down and lick his boots like he'd asked. I think not coming back was grand for him. Now he'll learn that the world doesn't exist to stroke his ego.

Besides, didn't you graduate? Don't you have cooler stuff to do, like anything that isn't gossiping about college life? I hope I don't end up like you. God, I hope that.

And, here was my response:

To respond to your comment, it was the SGA President. He was wearing sandals and took them off during the meeting.

The SGA Business Manager, Derek Cline, is walking around barefoot to raise awareness for people who can't afford shoes. If anybody would like to donate shoes to him, find him at Concord. Or, let me know here and I'll try to set it up for him to get them.

So, there were two barefoot people at the meeting.

At the time of seeing the President barefoot, I didn't realize that the Business Manager was doing his awareness project. If I had realized, I would have made a note of it. There was a story about it in the current issue of The Concordian. I skimmed over it but didn't really get a chance to read it thoroughly. From a visual aspect, it looks pretty good.


At the 09-19-12 SGA meeting, the SGA Budgetary committee was voted on. It was a very different process from previous years. It usually goes pretty smoothly. It seemed to be a bit of a mess to get everything organized. But, that seems to be the modus operandi of this year's SGA - a little disorganized. Maybe they'll get the kinks worked out.

I don't believe any other committees have been formed yet. And by formed, I mean the standing committees that have been around for years and just need a chairperson appointed and a meeting time designated have not had those happen yet. Something somebody may want to keep an eye on is that most of the SGA Executive Board received pay increases from the last academic year, but they have yet to do much.

In related news, here's the SGA President's report. If you follow me on twitter, you've already seen it, as it was under 140 characters: "I really don't have anything to report to you, so we'll just move along."

Here's the Budgetary committee. I don't know most of their names. I wrote them down quickly as they were being announced. If anybody wants to leave a comment with the full names, feel free to. The members are: Kyle Mauley [sp?], Joey Sharpe, [pronounced Jen-Uh-Veev] Hatcher, J. Blankenship [didn't get his first name; probably Joe or Justin?], and [something] Wheeling. I wrote down a first initial for Wheeling, but then I wrote over it and I don't know what it actually is that I wrote. So, apologies for that list of names that really isn't a full list. I'm usually better than that...

The Budgetary committee is why most organizations attend meetings. They will fill out a form explaining why they need money to do something. The committee will meet and decide if they should get that money. So, they're very important.

In other news, it was announced before the meeting that SGA Advisor and Student Center Director Anna Hardy was leaving. I'm guessing she accepted a job somewhere else, because Anna said that she would be back to visit everybody.

Josh Hanna, the SGA President, made the announcement about Anna and presented her with a cake and plaque. It was also noted that an annual award, some sort of Anna Hardy Leadership award would be given at the end of the year.

The last time I regularly attended SGA meetings was the 2009-2010 academic year. At that time, Anna was new to the SGA and really seemed to still be adapting to her new surroundings and job duties. The President's speech about Anna was kind of one of those things where somebody said a lot, but really didn't say anything. Apparently she is leaving and her valued leadership qualities will be missed. But he really didn't address how she helped the SGA and what she gave to the organization.

If anybody wants to help us out here, to maybe use this as a forum to fill in the blanks, I had a near 2-year vacation from SGA and the new advisor is now the tenured leader who has the SGA President choking up saying goodbye to her. But, he really didn't say what she did or how she helped. I'm kind of curious. I want somebody to fill us in on the progression and growth she showed over those 2 years. I guess, give us the memorial that the SGA President tried but didn't fully succeed on.

That's about it from the SGA meeting. Homecoming stuff was finalized. But, if you're into that stuff, you already know about it all.

As a final note, follow @cumountainlions on twitter. They do a pretty good job of keeping athletic happenings updated.

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  1. Budgetary Committe: Kyle Bailey, James Blankenship, Joey Sharpe, Genevieve Hatcher,Jarod Wheeler and Derek Cline

  2. Anna took a counseling position in Beckley. She is excited to be working in her field of study.

  3. Thank you both for helping me out there.