Monday, September 17, 2012

Concord University SGA meeting notes [09-12-12]

As I blogged about last week, I attended the Sept. 12, 2012 meeting of Concord's Student Government Association. It was my first meeting in nearly 2 years. I'll go into more detail on that soon. I plan to attend the Sept. 19 meeting, and then we'll take it from there. The SGA budget for the year and Homecoming Election rules passing were the two biggest things to happen at the meeting - click here for the blog I wrote last week.

Some other interesting things happened as well. I'll share some thoughts below. If you'd like to do the same, feel free to do so here in the comments section or on Facebook [there's probably 15 or so comments about the last blog on Facebook].

The first thing I noticed is that it is a very new SGA. I only talked to two people I knew from previous SGA administrations - Richard Babich, the Attorney General, and Adam Pauley, the Board of Governors representative. I recognized a few names and it was the first time I had ever put a face to them, but for the most part I didn't recognize anybody.

Here's a few notes from the meeting:

Adam Pauley noted that the Board of Governors had met Tuesday, Sept. 11 for over 4 hours. Adam announced that the Higher Learning Commission will be visiting Concord University during the 2015-2016 academic year to check on CU's accreditation. That shouldn't be an issue; Concord is a very legitimate school.

Pauley also talked about new online systems for the academic catalog and things of that nature that would make trackings ones progress toward graduation easier. I assume we'll have more details on that as it becomes more of a reality.

Probably the most interesting thing Pauley mentioned was that Concord University was leaving the WVIAC sports conference and forming a new conference - Mountain East. He didn't give many details, but hopefully Concord University's newspaper, The Concordian, will be all over that story and give us some good coverage.

And with that segue...

Scott Noble, the new Concordian Editor-in-Chief, was present at the meeting. He was the organizational representative for some sort of veterans group. I didn't get the full name of it. That's a conflict of interest, but that's another story for another time.

He spoke during the meeting about becoming the EIC and had some interesting things to say about the newspaper. He said that The Concordian put out a lot of bad issues last semester. Regarding the leadership of last year, Noble said, "It was a huge failure on their part." He added that he wanted to put out issues of the newspaper befitting our university, before adding that the paper was now going to a bi-weekly format. He also shouldered some of the blame for the bad content, saying, "Last semester [the paper] was crap and that was the fault of the staff, which I was part of."

He asked for constructive criticism from students. I don't think he announced the newspaper's email address during the meeting, but it's concordian[at] if anybody's interested. Unless they've changed things, the office phone number is 304-384-5364. He probably won't be in there, though, as he said he doesn't like the Concordian office, M008, or as I called it Moo 8. Personally, I loved it. I practically lived in there for over four years.

Interesting sidenote: Scott Noble first came to my attention about a year ago, when he wrote a review of Nona's Italian Restaurant in Princeton and the picture used was from my girlfriend's restaurant review blog. I guess he sent the story to the Princeton Times, because they also printed his article, in addition to using Candace's picture. She wrote a blog about it here -

Will the paper get better under the "Noble Administration"? We'll see. I don't know when the first issue will be out, but we will see. As a former Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper, I'm very hopeful for the future. I want to see it succeed, despite what some people have thought over the years.

I'd definitely like to get together with Scott at some point and pick his brain and let him pick my brain. I want good things to happen with The Concordian. It was a huge part of my life for a long time and I want to be as good as it can possibly be.

In other notes from the meeting:

Carolyn Cox, Concord's registrar, is looking for a couple students to serve on her "Institutional Committee on Retention." I have never heard of this committee, and apparently it has only met a handful of times over the last 5 years.

Rick Dillon [not sure of his exact title now; former Head of Housing, now some sort of VP; also one of my favorite people at Concord], gave an update on some roof renovation projects. The library, administration building, science building, and fine arts building are all presently having their roofs replaced. Dillon noted that Concord received money from the state to fix the library and fine arts building roofs. The admin and science building roofs, while not being in urgent need, would need it eventually, so they did them all at the same time. Dillon said Concord probably saved in the neighborhood of $17,000 by bundling the projects instead of spacing them out.

It was also announced that Concord students living in the dorms can register to vote in Mercer County, since they technically live there to attend school. So, they don't have to travel back home to vote this November.

In a funny note from the meeting, that maybe nobody but me caught, the Vice President announced her office hours, but she put too much emphasis on the word "to," so it sounded like she announced her office hours as, "One, two, three." Technically, those are her hours.

In an odd note, I noticed at one point during the meeting that the SGA President wasn't wearing shoes. I guess he wore sandals to the meeting and took them off as he got more comfortable. But, that struck me as being a little weird. It's starting to get a little colder during the evenings now, so he probably can't do that too much longer.

If I missed anything or anybody has a comment they'd like to add, feel free.

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  1. Is this supposed to be a reputable blog? I'd heard of you quite a bit since my transition to the CART department, and none of it has been good. This seems more like the ramblings of an angsty tween than a news blog. That being said, the barefoot gentleman was not the president. He's the business manager and he's barefoot for a good cause. If you were a decent journalist, you'd do your homework before spewing ignorance.

    As far as "The Concordian" goes, Scott's doing fine. So what if he doesn't like the office? It's a depressing hell-hole that's now adjacent to someone's office, so there's no privacy, save for a curtain. The Concordian was a joke last semester. Between TJ's need to be a diva and focusing on his band, and Stephen being a poor writer/editor, the paper had no strong leadership. Tori worked at it, but her heart just wasn't in it anymore. TJ stopped caring because of his band and Dr. Williams supposedly ruining his life, all because Dr. Williams wouldn't bend down and lick his boots like he'd asked. I think not coming back was grand for him. Now he'll learn that the world doesn't exist to stroke his ego.

    Besides, didn't you graduate? Don't you have cooler stuff to do, like anything that isn't gossiping about college life? I hope I don't end up like you. God, I hope that.

  2. To respond to your comment, it was the SGA President. He was wearing sandals and took them off during the meeting.

    The SGA Business Manager, Derek Cline, is walking around barefoot to raise awareness for people who can't afford shoes. If anybody would like to donate shoes to him, find him at Concord. Or, let me know here and I'll try to set it up for him to get them.

    So, there were two barefoot people at the meeting.