Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gertie from the OS

I'd like to call in a favor. If anybody's willing to help out, that would be greatly appreciated. My girlfriend, Candace Nelson, has been doing some freelance writing for Prerogative Magazine, a women's magazine published by the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, and she needs some help with an article.

Since she lives in Morgantown and only makes sporadic trips down to Princeton to see me, it's hard for her to talk to people sometimes. She is doing an article in the next issue of Prerogative about Gertie, the lovable waitress from the Omelet Spot (formerly Omelet Shoppe, for those old enough to remember).

As we all remember, Gertie retired back in 2009 and it was a big deal since she had been a waitress there since the late 1970s. She returned to the Omelet Spot at some point (I remember seeing her there in January of this year at the earliest...) and Prerogative wants to do a profile piece on her return.

Candace has interviewed Gertie already. Being one of the only late-night options in Princeton, I have already taken Candace to the OS on multiple occasions when she comes to visit (click here to read her review of the restaurant for her blog). She already liked Gertie a lot and was excited when she was given the opportunity to write this story.

What she needs is comments from customers who want to share stories, experiences, anecdotes, etc... about your experiences with Gertie over the years. Basically, we need to illustrate why people like her, for people reading the article who wouldn't know her.

If you would like to be included in the article, you can leave a comment here, message me on Facebook, send me a text, contact me in some way with a story or two about why you like Gertie, if you're excited that she's back, an experience you had with her, etc... and I'll forward those to Candace. Quotes cannot be anonymous, and we would need your full name and age.

I have no idea when the article will be printed. I'm assuming this is for their Fall issue, so sometime within the next month or two months it should be out.

Thanks in advance for anybody who wants to help out. As a sidenote, I have a humorous story regarding my dealings with Prerogative Magazine that I'll get around to sharing one day.

Check out Prerogative's Facebook page by clicking here.


  1. i helped her family when she was hospitalized, but that was more me helping her than vice versa. i've known her for years and years, but i don't know that i have any specific reasons why she means so much to me. i guess it's that she's like a mom-away-from-home for so many college students. she has no problem telling you when you're messing up and has provided encouragement and advice for me over the years.

    you may wish to contact some members of sigma tau gamma, who selected her as a fraternity sweetheart several years ago.

    1. Thanks for the insight. I tagged a few Sig Taus from "back in the day" who might be able to help out. I know she's been in the Homecoming parade a couple times and Rocky Seay used pictures of him with her on his campaign posters when he ran for SGA President.

  2. i would recommend josh exline, larry phares, and either of the marrs brothers as good sources of info.