Tuesday, August 14, 2012

CM Punk: Best in the World dvd trailer released

The trailer for the highly anticipated CM Punk documentary "Best in the World" has been released. It looks like an amazing set, one which I can't wait to get my hands on.

You can tell that WWE is serious about telling the real, complete story of CM Punk because they are doing something that they usually don't do - using footage that they don't own. They have footage of CM Punk from IWA: Mid South, where Punk got his first small break in the early 2000s and also clips from Ring of Honor.

The 3-disk set will be released October 9, 2012. To see a match listing, click here.

It is being reported on PWINSIDER.com that there will be a theatrical screening of the documentary in Chicago (Punk's hometown) on October 7, with Punk in attendance. No word yet on whether any other theaters will host screenings, but I doubt it. WWE experimented with showing documentaries in theaters back in 2008, with a screening of past WrestleMania moments set to coincide with that year's WrestleMania event, but it performed poorly.

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