Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mountain Slate magazine has a new online home for the moment:

As of right now, the tentative idea is to have issue 1 of Mountain Slate out by November-ish. Of course, that's without any roadblocks or any unforseen circumstances.

Until then, and probably after then, the wordpress account will be the place to go for updates about the magazine and other features. I'll probably have members of the staff (5 or 6 other people at the moment) write some stuff, and post some cool stuff throughout the summer.

We're still getting things sorted out at the moment; the site isn't complete. Some of the links on the main page don't go anywhere, and I don't really like the Times New Roman-ish font for the posts. Some stuff will be added and others will be changed as things progress.

There are 2 posts on there right now, but if you've been following me here it's nothing that you haven't heard before. But, I'd still like it if you checked it out.

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  1. As an update: the site has been updated somewhat and I think it looks better. Check it out.