Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mountain Slate magazine update

Do you ever feel like you're playing catch up, trying to get your life back on track from where it once was? That was me for the last few months. If you remember my last blog - - I wrote about my journey from leaving Pizza Hut and starting a new job that I really liked, to being fired from that job and being jobless for the nearly 2 months that followed.

So, I get this new job. For those curious, I'm a server at Outback Steakhouse. Yes, it's just as glamorous as it sounds. It’s not like you just get a new job after 2 months and pick up where you left off. No, you get a new job and spend the next several months trying to catch up on debts and get acclimated to your new surroundings.

 My enormously large electric bill has been paid off and I have made several new friends from work. So, things are looking up now. As such, life can progress as usual.

What I'm now working on in my free time, once again, is the Mountain Slate magazine project. For those who don't know, check out the following blog - - and check out @MountainSlate on twitter.

Long story short, if you don't want to read that blog I linked - I came up with the idea to start a magazine in 2009. Nothing really happened until the fall of 2011, where I made a lot of progress until December-ish. Then I lost my job for 2 months and had to play catch up. I feel caught up, so it's time to start making a magazine.

"Why didn't you work on the magazine during your time away from work? Wouldn't you have had a lot of time on your hands?" True, I did have a lot of time. But, everything is pretty much planned out. At this point, I need money before things can progress. The last thing I was working on before I lost my job was an ad contract so that I could sell advertisements to fund Mountain Slate.

I surprise myself sometimes with how well I can save money. I was stockpiling some cash to fund the magazine on myself. Then I lost my job and had to use the magazine fund to pay my bills. Now I'm accumulating some money again, and I'm ready to get things started.

Where we're at right now:

The advertising contract is complete. I am putting the finishing touches on an informational packet that I can show potential advertisers. It is 3-pages long, with information about what kind of content will be in the magazine, who it will be geared toward, etc, etc... There is also a section looking at the staff of the magazine. At the present time, I have four other staff members on board with me and am talking to a few other people. For anybody who would like to be involved, email mountainslate[at] for more information. Or message me on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or text me. Or come visit me at Outback.

After I finish that information packet, I'm going to talk to the company that will be printing the magazine to make sure they remember that I exist. Then I will map out my plan to sell 500,000 brake pads. Wait, that's the plot of Tommy Boy. Map out the plan to sell enough advertisements to turn Mountain Slate from an idea to a magazine.

I'll keep you updated on how things go from here.


  1. Anxious for this to get underway. Should be a fun magazine.

  2. Looking forward to seeing what happens.

  3. Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for the comments guys. As things progress, I'll keep everybody updated.