Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Giving TNA some credit

In my last post, I started counting down the Top 5 mistakes in the history of TNA Wrestling's 10-year existence. One of the things I mentioned at the start of that post was that TNA was on a roll lately and was producing some solid television.

For those who may have given up on TNA, or never gave it a chance, or who may be curious to see but don't want to commit yet, I decided to embed the opening to last week's edition of their iMPACT Wrestling program.

That was the last week it was taped and at 9 p.m on SpikeTV. Starting Thursday, May 31, iMPACT Wrestling starts an hour earlier, at 8 p.m., and is also going to air live.

The video above is from TNA's "Open Fight Night" concept. It's a once-a-month feature they do where talent is afforded the opportunity to challenge a wrestler and it has to be accepted. In the case of the World Heavyweight Championship match, there were 4 challengers and Hulk Hogan, as the TNA authority figure, had the job of figuring out who would get the opportunity to challenge Bobby Roode.

You don't see it in this clip, but ultimately AJ Styles is selected as the challenger. He loses to Roode, and as such, Roode becomes the longest-reigning champion in TNA history. The previous record had actually been held by Styles.

I like what they did with the video there, as it's been reported that the exchange was loosely scripted. The wrestlers were given a starting point and an ending point, and told to improvise everything between. I think it makes for some compelling television.

The exchange is only about 10 minutes long, with the final 5 minutes being the start of the program and a challenge by Gail Kim to the women's tag team champs, ODB & Eric Young. EY is a comedy character in TNA. He's pretty entertaining. I'm not a huge fan of his being involved in the women's division, but he's produced some funny moments out of it.

So, while they have made some big mistakes over the last 10 years, and I will continue to document those, I wanted to take a moment and congratulate TNA for doing something good. Below is a video teaser for Thursday's first live edition of iMPACT Wrestling, featuring the return of Sting, who will challenge Bobby Roode.

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