Monday, March 26, 2012

CM Punk, Bryan Danielson Ring of Honor dvd sets out now

As we've discussed here a few times before, two of my favorite wrestlers are CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Both hold the top two titles in professional wrestling, as Punk is the WWE Champion and Bryan is the World Champion. Both are defending them in high-profile matches at this Sunday's WrestleMania 28.

The last time I blogged about the two of them, I wrote about their small feud based on who the best wrestler in the world was. I wrote about their past in Ring of Honor and how that shaped these two into the wrestlers that they have become today. That blog is below:

Best in the World

The reason I'm bringing them up again is that Ring of Honor has decided to cash in on the success of two of their most famous alums, as they have recently released 2-disk sets on both CM Punk and Bryan Danielson (his name in that promotion).

The CM Punk set chronicles his final few months in Ring of Honor, in 2004. He had signed a deal to leave for WWE. It was expected. One of the problems with ROH creating a top star is that you basically create talent for WWE to take from you. So, nobody was surprised when Punk announced that he was leaving ROH for WWE. But, everybody was surprised when he won the ROH title and said he was taking it with him.

The "Summer of Punk" as he dubbed it, saw CM Punk become one of the highest-profile wrestlers in the world. Challengers tried to take his championship, and Punk kept beating them. As the end of his ROH run was coming near, he was finally unseated. By whom? You'll just have to buy it yourself and find out. Or search Google.

If you've followed wrestling lately, does any of that sound familiar? Last summer, which CM Punk also dubbed the "Summer of Punk," he announced that his contract was expiring and he was going to take the WWE title with him, mentioning ROH as one place he could go.

While CM Punk was one of the hottest stars in ROH for a short period of time, Bryan Danielson could be considered the heart and soul of Ring of Honor. He wrestled on the first-ever Ring of Honor show in 2002, with his final match coming seven years later after signing a WWE contract.

Trained by multiple-time WWE Champion Shawn Michaels, Danielson was considered pound-for-pound, the greatest technical wrestler in the world. That's where the "Best in the World" tag came from. It wasn't some catchy slogan that he thought would sell some shirts. Bryan Danielson earned that nickname by putting his body on the line for years.

His set, titled "The American Dragon," after his first wrestling nickname, is a compilation of some of his greatest matches during his ROH stint. If you like great wrestling, this is for you. If you want to see how this vegan from Aberdeen, Washington became the World Heavyweight Champion in WWE, watch him develop his skills on these two disks.

Both sets can be ordered at Ring of Honor's official website,

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