Monday, January 9, 2012

Scott Hall ESPN documentary

"I can't tell you not to drink, do drugs; they are fun. It's fun. They work. But what sucks is when you wanna quit and you can't." - Scott Hall

In late 2011, ESPN profiled professional wrestler Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall as part of their E60 documentary series. The half-hour documentary looked at the man behind the wrestling character, behind the "machismo," and showed the world Hall's issues with drug and alcohol abuse.

If you've been a wrestling fan over the years, a lot of Hall's troubles were already known. Also known were the multiple "second chances" he has received from wrestling promotions over the last decade, once with WWE and multiple times with TNA Wrestling.

The documentary is very compelling. He talks very openly about some of his issues. His ex-wife is interviewed. She goes into the issue that Hall is just as addicted to wrestling and the spotlight as he is drugs and alcohol. Scott seems to confirm that, as he talks about the rush he gets from wrestling, at one point joking, "Where can I get 10 refills of that?"

The saddest part of the documentary is when it shows Hall's appearance in early 2011 at an independent wrestling show, where he showed up very obviously intoxicated. He stumbled to the ring, slurred his words, and fell down at one point.

While I knew about it shortly after it happened, seeing the documentary was actually the first time I watched any of the live footage. The night it came out that he had appeared in front of a crowd like that, I saw a picture and chose not to watch the videos. It was too sad for me.

Scott's attempt to train his son, Cody, to be a professional wrestler is showcased. I've read an article updating that situation. He actually no longer lives with his father, but he is still pursuing professional wrestling.

The verdict is still out on whether Scott Hall's story has a happy ending. In the documentary, he reveals that he has been to rehab 10 times and that WWE has spent in the 6 figures to put him in treatment themselves. I believe he has been to rehab at least twice since the E60 piece aired. And, I actually think he might be in rehab right now.

So, we'll see what happens with Hall. Hopefully 2012 can be the year he gets his act together and can actually enjoy the status he's earned - a true, legitimate legend of professional wrestling.

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