Saturday, January 21, 2012

My latest articles

If you like reading about high school basketball and professional wrestling, then this is the blog post for you. Below, you'll find some of the recent articles I've written for my local newspaper, the Princeton Times and the wrestling blog I contribute to, Under the Ring.

Looking at Bobby Roode's TNA heel turn

Tigers end year on high note

Tigers run record to 4-2 on season

Tigers falter, rebound with win against Riverside

The Bobby Roode blog goes hand-in-hand with a piece I posted on here in December, which was basically some YouTube videos looking at how his heel turn came about.

Covering the basketball games has been fun. I enjoy interacting with the Princeton head coach, Ernie Gilliard. After the games, I usually go find him in the locker room and interview him about what just transpired. Talking to the opposing coach is fun too; it's nice to get their perspective on the game. Usually, the coach stands outside of the locker room after the game while the players change. Except for the last time, the Riverside coach was in the locker room, so I had to walk in there and look for him.

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  1. As always, TNA's booking is so fucking insane from week to week that it's hard to think long-term on anything they do. I think WWE rightly gets criticized for being too rigid in its booking at times, but at least they always have a plan (i.e. working backwards from a projected Mania main event).

    TNA takes the opposite tact - Throw everything against the wall and see what sticks. As a result, you get hotshot booking, and unfortunate things like the Hardy vs. Sting title match that killed them with a lot of fans.

  2. True, TNA does have a lot of issues. The last month or so has been a little better, so I'm going to give them another chance to see if they can change my mind on their product.

  3. Here's another blog up on Under the Ring, after I posted this entry. It looks at my top 10 favorite Royal Rumble pay-per-view events:

  4. As always, another great post. I like how you balance out your interests with your professional journalism side. I enjoy reading your Princeton Times articles on here, as well as the feedback that you get from people all over the state.

    How do you keep people intrigued to garner so much interaction with readers? I feel as though I'm not completely delved into my community yet, and you seem to get tons of feedback with each post.

  5. Thank you. I guess the biggest way I stay in touch with people in the area is that I have the benefit of being from a relatively small area. Princeton is a fairly small city, and Concord University is a small college. Both of those audiences care about what affects them.

    High school basketball (and whatever else I randomly report on) is a big deal in Princeton. Concord University is heavily influenced by what the Student Government does. A lot of students, faculty, and staff read my blog to find out things of that nature.

    With a bigger area like Morgantown, it seems as though the key is to find your niche and grab onto it, which you seem to be doing with your food blogging. There is an audience out there for what you're writing about and they seem to really like what you're putting out there.