Thursday, December 29, 2011

Some articles I've written

I've been doing a little writing lately. The guy that covered high school basketball for the Princeton Times newspaper moved away and I've been given some assignments in that area. I also wrote a story about the Brothers of the Wheel motorcycle club, who organize a yearly event to give gifts to needy children. That was fun. That article isn't posted online, but it's available in the current print edition of the Times newspaper.

I haven't written much for the Under the Ring blog lately, but I'm hoping to correct that. As I've mentioned, that's a professional wrestling blog that I contribute to. I wrote a piece the other day looking at Kevin Nash's recent WWE return, after he announced on Twitter that he was retiring.

The basketball article and blog post are linked below. With the basketball story, it was on a pretty tight deadline without much notice and I was unable to get an interview with the Princeton High baskeball coach, so it only includes comments from the opposing team's coach. That was corrected in the next article I'm working on now, as I talked to both coaches.

Princeton Times basketball article, 12/21/11

Under The Ring blog post about Kevin Nash

The Princeton Times is printed every Friday. Most of their articles make it online by Friday or Saturday or so. As those become available I'll periodically post some here. With the wrestling blog posts, I kind of do those whenever. I'm trying to get on a more consistent schedule, and I'll keep you updated on those as well.

Follow my magazine on Twitter, @MountainSlate. If that sentence sounds weird, click here to find out what I'm talking about. I'll post an update on that soon.

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