Friday, December 30, 2011

The "Bobby Roode Era" has begun in TNA

At the end of October, I posted a blog looking at the sudden rise of James Storm to the top of TNA. After winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Kurt Angle, I posted a blog titled The "James Storm Era" begins in TNA.

As of right now, that era lasted only one week, as he lost the championship in his first defense to his long-time friend and tag team partner Bobby Roode. Roode turned his back on his friend, cheating en route to his first World Heavyweight Championship victory.

This blog goes hand-in-hand with a post I have submitted to the Under the Ring wrestling blog, looking at the bigger picture behind the scenes that led to Roode's heel turn and championship victory. Once that goes online, I'll post the link in the comments section.

Below are the three videos that you need to check out, as they see the creation of the "Bobby Roode Era" in TNA. They are also essential in order to better understand the Under the Ring blog.

The first is Storm's first promo as World Heavyweight Champion. He calls out Roode and they set up their match for later that night.

Next, Roode and Storm are in the midst of a competitive back-and-forth match. Having a sudden change of heart, Roode decides to take a shortcut and screw his best friend out of the title.

Finally, cameras catch up with both Roode and Storm backstage after the match. Roode puts down his former friend. Storm is seemingly too mad to speak.

Shortly after losing the championship, Storm received a concussion and was out of action for nearly a month. In his place, Storm's friend (and Roode's former friend) AJ Styles stepped up to the plate against Roode. He was defeated through dubious means by Roode at two consecutive pay-per-view events. He is currently scheduled to face Jeff Hardy at TNA's Genesis pay-per-view, January 8. Storm missed the November pay-per-view, but returned to defeat Kurt Angle (the man he defeated for the championship) in a grudge match at the December offering. A rematch between the two is currently scheduled for January 8.

No word yet on when the next chapter in the James Storm/Robert Roode feud will take place.


  1. damnn storm just got backstabbed
    what bobby did was just plain rude and disrepectful to storm and their freindship! throwing low blows about his weight and thanking him for everything like an hour ago?? Can't believe he spat on him after the fight!!

  2. Yeah, it's pretty intense. Roode is not a good guy anymore.