Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Life update, sort of

I haven't blogged in a while. I know, shocking. I haven't really been too busy this month. I don't know. I've been pretty tired lately. I guess that explains it.

Even this isn't too much of an update. These next few months are sort of transitional for me. I've got some stuff I need to figure out in terms of a job and some other pursuits. I'll fill you in on all of those soon.

Until then, watch this William Regal vs Daniel Bryan match from earlier this month. It was taped in England, the hometown of Regal. The first minute is pretty funny, as WWE plays a joke on Regal as he's walking to the ring, stopping his current music and playing an old, hokey theme he had during a short late-90s WWE stint. He and Daniel Bryan both break character and start laughing.

Also, check out - it's a news magazine aimed at a teen/young adult audience in Southern West Virginia. So far, there's just a twitter account for it. There's a tweet saying that the first issue is tentatively scheduled for April 2012.

Who's the Editor-in-Chief? Me. I'll give you more details on that soon.


  1. Editor in chief?? Nice, but didn't you learn anything from the Concordian haha

  2. Haha very true. Hopefully this will be a much-smoother experience.

  3. Congrats. I hope it is and will be looking forward to hearing more about it.