Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Youth Day at the Range; Princeton Times

I wrote a story that was printed in the Princeton Times a few weeks ago. I covered the "Youth Day at the Range" event, which taught gun-safety skills to children.

Here's the link to the story - http://bdtonline.com/princetonsports/x1660694189/Youth-Day-at-the-Range-takes-aim-at-kids-activity-levels

Here's the link to the pictures I took - http://bdtonline.com/princetonsports/x1700247357/Youth-Day-at-the-Range

Oddly enough, the online and print editions have different first paragraphs, both of which are nothing like what I submitted. Of the three, I like mine the least. It was admittedly pretty weak. I think I like the print edition's first paragraph the best.

For those who know me, the idea of learning about guns and watching people shoot them is about as far from my idea of a good time as you can get. But, I didn't go there to have a good time. I went there to talk to some gun-loving kids and take some pictures. Mission accomplished.

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