Friday, August 5, 2011


August 18, 2011 is, I guess, a milestone in my life. I will be turning 25-years-old.

Twenty-Five. The first quarter-century of my life is over. I guess the proper thing to do at this juncture is to take an assessment of your life and see what's going on.

The power of having a blog is that we can actually look back and see what I wrote last year about turning 24. That blog was appropriately titled "Fuuuuuuuck" and I wrote about wondering where the last year of my life went. I had dropped out of school the semester before and was preparing to attend again.

I looked back to see if I wrote anything about turning 23. I did not. The most interesting thing that happened around that time was that I cut my hair. Check out the blog post titled "Hair" to see some before & after pictures, and also to see a video of my mom's reaction to seeing me with short hair for the first time.

The archives before 2009 are gone from my blog. Click here to see what happened to my writings from 2006-early 2009. I imagine I wrote about a birthday or two in there.

I'm almost 25. Where am I? I work at Pizza Hut and attend Concord University. Where was I at 18? Working at Pizza Hut and attending Concord University. Where was I at 19? Working at Pizza Hut and attending Concord University. Where was I at 20? Working at Pizza Hut and attending Concord University. 21? Working at Pizza Hut and... you get the idea.

From the looks of things, I haven't done a whole lot with my life since graduating from high school. I'm probably the most popular member of Pizza Hut management, if that's an accomplishment. I don't think it is, though.

I've just sort of been spinning in place for the last few years. I guess that's okay for a while. Sometimes you need that. I've tried to branch out lately. I had two interviews for "real" jobs that didn't require a college degree. I didn't get them. But, that's the way things happen sometimes.

I was at a bar recently and ran into a girl I graduated with. Since graduating in 2004, we've probably seen each other maybe 4 times. But in those 4 meetings, we have gotten to know each other better than in the 3 years I attended Princeton High. We have one of those "We didn't talk in high school, but we should have" relationships, that you find you get with a lot of different people. High school is a weird time in life.

Anyway, the conversation turned to what we're doing in life. She responded, "I'm doing such-and-such, how about you?" If you're reading this, you know what I'm doing. Her response to the Pizza Hut/college combo wasn't the usual, "Oh, that's cool" I typically get from people. She seemed confused and responded with "Reaaalllly?"

I wasn't offended, because it's what everybody thinks but doesn't say. It's what I needed to hear. I am almost 25 and still doing the same thing I was when I was 18.

I try to always look at the glass as half-full. If I didn't, I likely would have blown my brains out years ago [On a sidenote: I like to joke a lot about killing myself. People either really think it's funny or they hate it. I think it's hilarious]. I'm almost 25 and I have a job and don't do drugs. That's better than a lot of people my age living in Princeton. I have my own apartment, my own car, and I make enough money to get by. Again, that's a lot better than a lot of people who live in Princeton.

I'm not where I need to be, but I'm doing a lot better than I could be. I'll take that as a victory.

I have a lot of plans and ideas in my head for the next year of my life. Hopefully when we reconvene here in early August 2012, I'm not still working at Pizza Hut and attending Concord University. We'll see.

I'll leave you with a picture of me from 25 years ago, followed by one from today. Why? Why not.



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