Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some interesting stuff I found online

I was bored the other night and started to "Google" myself. I sometimes search for myself online after a class I had with Dr. James Parker at Concord in 2006. One of our assignments he gave us was to put our name into a search engine and see what we found. At the time, I didn't find much. But, after Concord's newspaper finally went online and my blog got pretty popular, I found that my name began showing up a little more in online searches. So, occasionaly when I get bored I look for myself online to see what I find.

One of the problems with typing "Chris Slater" into a search engine is that most of the links that show up are about the actor Christian Slater. So, I usually have to put some other word or qualifier into the search to differentiate myself.

One of the weirdest things I found out when searching for "Chris Slater" the other night was that Christian Slater was born on August 18. That's my birthday, too. Isn't that weird?


I was searching online and came across this site called "Opentopia." It's basically a knock-off Wikipedia-ish site. It's an online encyclopedia and the content is user-generated and maintained.

I noticed two interesting bits of information in the Concord University entry. Here's a chunk of information from the page:

The SGA is also well known for its highly contested elections. In a recent election, dorm room doors were set on fire and death threats were made when Rocky Seay (President), Danielle Richmond (Business Manager), and Brandon Brewster (Attorney General) ran an unofficially ticketed campaign that challenged an alleged political machine, known by its opposers as "the Front Table Oppression," on campus. Despite an overwhelming victory for all three, others still managed to mar their success with censuring Rocky Seay for actions outside of SGA and preventing Brandon Brewster from taking office until pending charges are resolved.

In 2004, an independent paper, The Student Edge led by LeAnne Davis, was chartered as an alternative to The Concordian. However, The Student Edge never saw publication, and The Concordian remains the only printed news medium on campus. Despite the failed attempt by Ms. Davis to start her own paper, she returned to the Concordian in Fall '06 and was appointed to the position of Editor-in-Chief by the Concordian's advisor, Dr. Parker, over the heavily student-favored choice, Chris Slater.

Yes, somebody went on this site and wrote about the 2006 SGA elections as well as the "newspaper drama" that occured between myself and LeAnne Davis. As a quick note, The Student Edge was started in 2005, not 2004.

I just thought that was something funny that I came across. I'm not sure who wrote that entry. I figure it would be somebody who was a big supporter of Rocky Seay and myself. I wrote about the 2006 SGA Elections in the past. Click here to check that out. There's a picture of the burnt door included.

The Student Edge never saw the light of day. In an interesting note, the first time I ever saw Facebook was in September 2005, when I was shown the Facebook group for the alternative paper. I then signed up for my own account about a month later.

It definitely came close to being a reality. The Student Edge became an official student organization and could have qualified to receive funding from the Student Government Association.

I only have a couple memories about The Student Edge. There was the initial Facebook look at the group. I remember having a brief editorial staff discussion about whether we would allow students to write for both papers. I was against it but others were for it.

I wrote a column on the Arts and Entertainment section at the time and, to be funny, started finding ways to mention the name The Concordian and add after it, "the premier news source at Concord University," just as a little jab. I used to do dumb stuff like that to amuse myself.

Probably the funniest thing Student Edge-related occured at a SGA meeting in the late Spring of 2006. Usually, there are chairs in rows and that's how the room is set up, but for some reason this week there were several round tables with chairs around them. I walked in and, being a little confused, sat down at a random table without paying much attention. LeAnne was sitting across from me. I didn't have any problem with her, so I smiled at her and she smiled back. A couple minutes later, Mandy Sole, former Editor-in-Chief of the paper, came toward me. She was about to sit down and noticed LeAnne. Trying not to cause a scene, she motioned with her head toward another table and muttered under her breath, "Sit over here." So, I got up and left.

As the Opentopia entry mentions, The Student Edge never came to be, as LeAnne came back to The Concordian. That thing about me being the "heavily student-favored choice" is probably in regard to the Facebook group that was started around that time - "Supporters of the True Editor-in-Chief, Chris Slater." At its peak, the group had like 200 members or something.

I'm not going to write about any of that stuff. If you're interested, read this blog I wrote in 2009 - 8/26 SGA meeting, some other stuff. Read the first half of the blog, then scroll down and read the comments section. It'll fill you in, somewhat.

That was just something interesting I found online about myself. That's something everybody should do every so often - type your name into a search engine and see what comes up. You never know, you could be mentioned in a positive tone in an online encyclopedia entry. Or not.


  1. Googling yourself is always fun, but writing that phrase is awkward.

  2. Yes. It sounds a lot more fun than it really is.