Thursday, January 6, 2011

What I read online

I think being able to read is one of the most important things in the world. Words are everywhere. Books, newspapers, signs, menus, instruction manuals, etc... You need to read.

I love to read. I don't have a television at my apartment. I read and write blogs. That's pretty much my life. So, what better thing to do than read a blog about writing. I mean, write a blog about reading. (I don't know if that was funny or not. It was intended to be. If not, forgive me)

Anyway... here is a list off the top of my head of things I read online. I have it broken down into different sections.

National News

The New York Times ... one of the best places to go for national news and reporting ... still one of the first to break several big stories ... several great columnists as well ... decent sports section

USA Today ... groundbreaking paper in that it was one of the first to use a lot of color and lots of photographs ... great entertainment and sports sections ... technology is a fun section to read as well ... most news stories are short and informative, written in a way that's easy for people to skim through

Associated Press ... wire service that transmits stories around the globe for other newspapers to pick up ... lots of smaller papers feature AP stories in a prominent manner ... created the "AP Stylebook," which outlines the general style rules of journalism that all newspapers have adopted

Washington Post ... good source of politicial stories, as well as a lot of national news ... sports section is mostly dedicated to their local sports, but they cover national sports as well ... informative paper that I enjoy reading

Local News

Bluefield Daily Telegraph ... I live in Mercer County, in which Bluefield is located ... covers wide array of Bluefield & Princeton news, as well as the smaller surrounding areas ... sports section covers mostly high school sports around the state

Princeton Times ... Under the same umbrella as the BDT, the Times is a weekly paper that covers Princeton ... lots of human-interest features, as well as coverage of Princeton politics and businesses ... I've written sports stories for the Princeton Times before

Charleston Daily Mail ... Based out of the capital of West Virginia, the Daily Mail is one of two independently-owned Charleston papers ... seen as the more conservative of the two papers

Charleston Gazette ... One of two independently-owned Charleston papers ... more liberal of the two

West Virginia Watchdog ... The Watchdog's mission statement notes that is is the home for investigative political journalism in West Virginia ... it's the place to go for quick updates about WV politics ... run by Steven Allen Adams


Rolling Stone ... One of the best places to go for in-depth coverage of those who are hot in the entertainment field ... several award-winning investigative politicial pieces have been featured in recent years ... one complaint would be that the magazine is sometimes too "left leaning."

SPIN ... One of the more mainstream of the alternative music magazines ... you'll find a lot of stuff here that won't be covered in Rolling Stone ... focuses more on music, while RS has branched out into several different areas

Maxim ... One of the most well-rounded magazines out there ... that is, of course, if you're a man ... designed specificially for men, Maxim has a great mix of entertainment, columns, investigative journalism, humor, and pictures of pretty ladies

Pro Wrestling Illustrated ... The premier professional wrestling magazine ... one of the few magazines still standing, after a number folded in the last decade ... one of the oldest as well, having started in the 1970's ... publishes a list each year of the Top 500 wrestlers in the world (PWI 500)


*These are blogs that I read semi-regularly. I'm sure there are more that I check out from time-to-time that I forgot to mention. The blogs are listed in order from how close I am to the author. I've actually only spoken face-to-face with the first two blog authors. The rest are ranked in order of how likely it is that I will meet them and how often I speak with them on Facebook/Twitter*

Candace Lately ... My girlfriend, Candace Nelson, has a blog ... she's mentioned me several times ... check it out if you want to know what I did over Christmas ... she doesn't blog a lot, but she's a very good writer with some interesting stuff to say (and I thought that before I dated her)

I am John Meadows ... A graduate of Concord University ... went through a period of not blogging much, but that seems to be turned around ... has a fairly popular video blog on his YouTube channel

Ashley Bosserman; Yahoo! Contributor Network ... Technically not a blog, but I didn't know where else to put it ... attends Concord University and writes about a lot of unique topics

Politico in Stilettos ... Cartney McCracken writes about WV politics "as seen through the eyes of a 25-yr old stiletto-obsessed pro~fashional" ... fresh perspective on what can be a rather mundane subject

Stephen on Stuff ... Title states exactly what the blog is about, a guy named Stephen who writes about a variety of stuff ... the stuff is interesting and his writing style is inviting and funny

Witty For A Change ... Blog written by Yolanda Curiel, better known to me and others on twitter as @shot_of_flair ... writes in her blog bio that she hopes somebody is listening to what she writes - I am, and others should as well

Spiritwasteland's blog ... While she hasn't updated in a while, London youth Georgia Bowden has a love of music and a very unique opinion about it ... inspired me to check out the White Stripes documentary after reading her review of it (click here to read my review)

Under the Ring ... Journalist Phil Strum reviews World Wrestling Entertainment television shows, in addition to interviewing wrestlers

Ring Posts ... Baltimore Sun writer Kevin Eck has one of the most-popular wrestling blogs out there ... reviews the shows and features several interviews with wrestlers

Storm Wrestling ... Retired wrestler Lance Storm is considered one of the most underrated wrestlers to ever step into the ring ... one of the first wrestlers to maintain a website, his blogs on a multitude of subjects are interesting ... mostly talks about wrestling, but ventures into other areas as well

JR's Bar-b-q ... The website is for Jim Ross' side business of selling BBQ sauce and beef jerkey, but his blog has proven to be the most popular feature on the site ... regarded as one of the greates wrestling announcers of all time, he is also considered one of the smartest men in the wrestling business ... writes mostly about wrestling, mma, and college football

* * *

Those lists are not all-inclusive. There are other newspapers I read. I read a lot more magazines. I read several blogs at least once. Some of those blogs I don't read regularly. I just wanted to throw several reading options out there and hopefully give somebody something new to read.

If you have anything you'd like share regarding your reading habits, feel free to leave them in the comments section. I didn't even touch books. If anybody has anything I didn't mention or wants to comment on my selections, leave a comment.


  1. I read the BDT, PT (I'd better) and Beckley Register-Herald. Actually, I'll read anything including a soup can label, LOL. As for wrestling, Wrestling Observer (the foremost inside newsletter) and (ridicules the worst promotional decisions when it comes to characters/angles) and "The 'Crap", formerly part of WC, but now on its own, where all areas of wrestling/MMA/other combat sports are discussed.

  2. Chris,
    Thanks for the tag and for reading.