Thursday, January 20, 2011

Semester off to bumpy start

We're two days into the Spring 2011 semester. I still only have 4 academic hours. And I'm going to get rid of my 1-hour workshop and try to replace it with another. Both workshops are in my major, so I shouldn't have any problems getting in. Why? Read my last blog.

I'm a little behind where I should be. I can't complain much, as it's my own fault. I should have met with my academic advisor and made a schedule and registered for classes last semester. But, I don't like meeting with my advisor, so I never do.

For this semester, I did what I always do. I create my own schedule, then go get my classes. All that's requred is for me to get my advisor's signature. And, for some reason I don't even need that this time. I've been able to do my business in the registrar's office without the signature thus far.

Usually, my system works out for me. Except this time, as the classes I wanted are full. So, I'm trying to come up with a backup schedule. A list of open classes can be found here - - if you see anything you think I might like, let me know.

That's how things are going, school-wise. Work has been an interesting trip lately.

I've worked at Pizza Hut, off-and-on, since 2005. Since 2009, it has been non-stop "on." I'm a manager there and it's an enjoyable job for the most part. It's a little aggravating sometimes, but at least I'm not doing something like digging ditches. On a sidenote, do people still dig ditches?

There have been some changes at work recently. From the time I started working there until a couple months ago, the Pizza Hut in Princeton was an independently-owned franchise. That is no longer the case, as the Princeton Pizza Hut (and several in the area) are now owned by the actual Pizza Hut corporation.

Basically, all that means is that they're more strict about rules. And, we got new computers to take orders on. Not a huge change, but noticeable enough to make a difference. It was enough to make the general manager, Bob, quit without putting in a 2-week notice. That threw a wrench in my life, as the management team was initially 4 people doing the job of 5 and it suddenly turned into 3 doing the job of 5 without any real warning.

So, I have to work a little bit more than I want to right now. I can't fault him for doing that. Yeah, it's made things a little difficult for everybody around him, but it's what he felt like he needed to do. I've talked to him a little bit since then. He seems happy with his decision, so that's good. As much as it sucks that I have to work more, it's extra money and I can't complain about that.

That's it for now. I'll update you one when I find some classes. Until then, here's some links: ... I started a YouTube channel. I'm not really sure what I'm going to use it for. Much like my blog, which I originally started in 2006 with no real purpose in mind, I figure a YouTube channel will be fun and might come in handy some day. Not much on there right now, as it's still in the very early stages. ... John Meadow's latest blog is a very interesting read. It contains the trailer to the documentary "Tapped," which is about the problems with the bottled-water industry. Check it out. It is definitely worth a watch. ... Yeah, I know, nobody cares about professional wrestling. But, some people do. Chris Jericho is considered to be one of the greatest professional wrestlers of the last decade. He took a 2-year break from wrestling before coming back at the end of 2007 and signing a 3-year contract. It expired at the end of last year and, as the interview states, he has no intentions of returning to wrestling at the moment. He also talks about his upcoming book, a sequel to his 2007 best-seller. ... I know, more wrestling. But, this one is actually involves a famous wrestler and this area. "Diamond" Dallas Page, a famous wrestler from the late '90s, was at a show in Bluefield, at the Brushfork Armory. The show made news around the nation, because several famous wrestlers were there and a lot of them did not get paid. The promoter was arrested and a lot of interesting developments are taking place. Despite getting paid, DDP still had a bad time there, as his 5-part "Bluefield Hell" video blogs can attest. The others can be found on the main page. ... I found this link on Justin Grathwhol's Facebook page. Some of the designs are very creative.

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