Monday, January 31, 2011

I thought you got perks for subscribing...

I was at my mom's house last week. Her boyfriend has a subscription to Maxim Magazine. I was reading the current issue with Olivia Munn, everybody's favorite hot geek, on the cover. I noticed that the subscription bar was in a very awkward spot, which prompted me to tweet a picture with the caption "worst-placed subscription bar ever":

I got some feedback from my friends agreeing with me (as well as some interesting text messages from my girlfriend regarding my choice of reading material). A few days later I was at my local CVS Pharmacy. I was killing time and looking through the magazine section, when I saw this month's issue of Maxim Magazine featuring everybody's favorite hot geek on the cover, sans subscription bar:

This prompts the following question - Aren't magazines supposed to try and entice you to subscribe? If the valued subscribers of Maxim Magazine are receiving this kind of shoddy product, then what's the point of being a Maxim subscriber?

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