Friday, October 1, 2010

Academic Success; first meeting

I blogged the other day about signing my contract for academic success. Click here to read that. Basically, my GPA was low and I had to sign this contract saying I would do better. There are certain requirements I have to meet, and one condition of this is that I have to meet every Wednesday at 11 a.m. and check in concerning my academic success. Wednesday, October 29, was my first check in.

I've been assigned to meet with Trena Bolin. If you go to Concord, you likely know the name. She's done a bunch of stuff there. One memory of Trena Bolin that has always stood out with me over the years doesn't actually involve her, but rather a picture of her. It was my 3rd year at Concord. LeAnne Davis-Henderson was Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper and everything was done except we had a picture of this lady on the front page and neither one of us remembered her name. I remember her calling somebody and trying to describe the picture: "I think she works with you. Here's what she looks like..."

One of my biggest apprehensions about this program was what it entailed. I wasn't sure if people just read from a script and said, "Here's what we have decided to do to make sure you fulfill your contract." It wasn't like that. Trena Bolin looked at my grades over the years and said, "You're a smart guy. You just don't go to class, do you?"

I got a little more enthusiastic about this program after realizing it wasn't just going to be something dumb I had to sit through each week. This actually looks like it will help me in some way. And, I'm being realistic - if I didn't need help, I wouldn't be a seventh-year, 24-year-old college student. Something is wrong with that. I've messed up somewhere.

In addition to that meeting, I also met with Carolyn Cox, Concord's registrar. I now have somewhat of an idea on when I'll be graduating. That's fun. I'm a lot closer than I thought I was.

Meeting with Carolyn Cox also got me my ego boost for the day. I can't go too long without getting my ego stroked. While she was looking at everything I had done, she commented that I was on the Concordian staff for a long time. I mentioned that I was Editor-in-Chief a couple years ago. She replied, "I know. I remember your name." And, now my head is just a little bigger.

Other notes from my first meeting:

- On President Aloia's scale of whether I am "high risk," "medium risk," or "low risk" of not getting a degree, I am right at the bottom of low risk and at the top of medium risk. My number was 69. It's calculated by multiplying your ACT score (23) by your high school GPA (3.02). That was the first time I've ever heard of it. I don't know many details.

- I stole a really cool pen from the Registrar's Office. It's blue. Gel ink. Smooth, literally and figuratively.

- Ironically, after walking out of the Registrar's Office with an idea of when I might graduate, I run into Vice President and Academic Dean Dr. John David Smith and he says to me, "I hope you never graduate, Chris. It's such a joy seeing you around campus."

- Part of this contract was to get me off of financial aid suspension, and that was fixed. As a result of waiting so long to get my financial aid fixed, I was dropped from my classes for not paying my bill. I got put back into my classes, so everything looks to be fixed.

- My next meeting is Wednesday, October 6, at 11 a.m. I'm not sure what will be discussed, but I'll likely let everybody know.

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