Wednesday, October 27, 2010

7 - "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)," Green Day

Yeah, I like this song. If you get over how cheesy it's become over the years, it's a really good song. Green Day is a very talented group and "Good Riddance" helped show the mainstream that they were more than a goofy punk band. It first shot to prominence when it was featured in the final episode of "Seinfeld," arguably one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. After that, it became a staple of high school graduations around the nation.

Part of the problem is that "Good Riddance" became so closely associated with "Seinfeld" and graduations that it diminished the value of what a good song it really is. These are really heartfelt lyrics, along with a catchy accoustic hook. The message just got lost over the years after associating it with the antics of Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer.

My 12th grade year of high school, I remember there being a lot of anger that we - the Class of 2004 - couldn't use "Good Riddance" as our graduation theme because the Class of 2003 did. I really didn't want to use that song, but anything would have been better than what did wind up becoming the theme to my graduation.

For some reason, there was a contingent of students pushing for the "Saved By the Bell" graduation song to be used. Luckily, those people did not get their way. I don't even know what song was selected. It's so bad I've blocked it from my memory. I know it was by Boys II Men. It wasn't the song everybody would expect it to be.

I didn't really have a strong feeling either way about what the song should have been. I just knew what I didn't want it to be. I thought Staind's "So Far Away" would have been a pretty cool graduation theme. It's something kind of different, which I feel would have made it work. I told a couple people about it and some thought it was good. But, I wasn't part of that clique that was on the graduation committee, so they wanted Boys II Men and they got it.

I believe the Class of 2005 used "Good Riddance" as their graduation theme. At least they didn't use that one graduation song...


  1. Well, once I moved, mine ended up this:

    I had quite a few show choir students in my class.