Sunday, October 17, 2010

11 - "She's Only 18," Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Pepper's double album Stadium Arcadium is possibly one of the greatest modern albums I've ever listened to. This is musical proof of an amazing band at quite possibly their creative peak. I don't know if they can get any better than this album, just in terms of both the quality, quantity, and variety of music.

If you listen to the lyrics, "She's Only 18" is a pretty self-explanatory song. It's about a girl who just turned 18 and is finally out on her own. She's mixed up in the wrong crowd and has a very interesting journey.

This song is even more interesting if you've read Anthony Kiedis' autobiography. Most of Kiedis' songs aren't about one specific person, but rather an amalgation of people in his life. This song just flows like a musical journey through his crazy drug-and-sex-filled life.

Something that could be a subtle jab or just a coincidence is mentioning that the titular girl in the song doesn't like the Rolling Stones. In his book, Kiedis writes about how he's not a fan of the Stones anymore after opening for them in the early 90s. He just didn't like how his band was treated and was very turned off by the entire affair.

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