Monday, September 13, 2010

20 - "Serve the Servants," Nirvana

"Serve the Servants" was the opening track off of Nirvana's In Utero album, the follow-up to their hugely succesful Nevermind disk. This song is partly about what the success of what Nevermind has done to Kurt Cobain. "Serve the Servants" has a bitter tone to it, as success wasn't great to him.

If you want to try and get into Cobain's head a little bit, check out this song and most of the album. Nevermind dealt with most of his problems with life and growing up, while In Utero is a very interesting take on fame and the problems that he's facing. In this song, he sings about problems with the media - the "witch hunt" line is about their obsession with Courtney Love, while "that legendary divorce is such a bore" is him noting that people put too much stock in the fact that his parents divorced when he was younger.

One of the constant negative comments about Nevermind was how "polished" and "clean" it sounds. With In Utero, the band tried hard to create a very raw, dirty-sounding album, and they did that for the most part. This song sort of kicks in, and the rest of the album is like that as well.

This is Nirvana's third song (45, 23) to be featured in the countdown of the 50 most-played songs on my iTunes. They appear one more time before all is said and done.

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