Sunday, September 19, 2010

14 - "Redundant," Green Day

Green Day makes their second of three appearances on the top 50 iTunes list with "Redundant." Their first showed up at number 40 with "Hitchin' a Ride," and they'll finish out in the list at number 7. You'll figure out what that one is soon enough.

"Redundant" is a fun song to listen to. It's got a nice beat and there's just something about Billie Joe Armstrong's voice that I like. The content of the song is pretty deep. It's about being in a redundant relationship. It seems like it has a happy tone to it, though. He's still in love, despite living in repetition.


  1. for the sake of your blog (and ego) you need to get back on the cu gossip train in order to convince yourself that you're somewhat relevant.

  2. I'm sure somebody out there likes knowing what's on my iPod. Somebody... Somewhere... Hopefully...