Wednesday, August 25, 2010

7 years???

Where did the time go? It just seems crazy that this is my seventh year of school. It reminds me of the classic scene from one of my favorite movies, "Tommy Boy."

Chris Farley: "Hey, did you hear I graduated?"

David Spade: "Yeah, and just a shade under a decade, too. All right."

Chris Farley: "You know, a lot of people go to school for seven years..."

David Spade: "I know. They're called doctors."

But, yeah, for those who haven't been keeping tabs on me, I'm going back to school. I got my schedule printed off today. I'm taking 15 hours. That's only 5 classes, but that's a lot more work than I usually do. Obviously, I haven't been working hard at school, or I would have already graduated by now.

* * *

In other news, I got a new tattoo. I now have 3. I'd had this idea in my head for a couple days and decided to go get it done. I got the words "DON'T WORRY" on the inside of my wrist and "BE HAPPY" on the outside. Below are some pictures.

I guess I have sort of a tattoo theme going on, as this new tattoo is sort of along the same lines as the smiley face I have on my left arm. I try to be a positive person and I like to remind myself of that. I'm not saying that I'm always happy and never get depressed. That's not true at all - I'm a normal person, I get sad and have bouts of depression like everybody else. I just like to have that reminder on myself to smile and not worry.

Note, those pictures were originally posted on my twitter page. I haven't blogged lately about how cool twitter is. Just click the link and check it out - Also, click the "twitter" tag at the bottom to see what I've written about it in the past.

* * *

If you read my blog regularly, you probably noticed at the beginning of the summer that I started a music countdown. it's a list of the top 50 most-played songs on my computer's iTunes. For a refresher, click here to see the blog where I introduced my countdown.

I started this list at the beginning of the summer after I came to the realization that I really didn't have a lot of interesting stuff to write about last summer. I just wasn't motivated by much and didn't really have the urge to do a lot of writing. With this list, I figured it would at the very least give me some basic content to fill my summer months out with. I knew I wasn't going to post something every day, so I reasoned that this would take about 60-70 days or so and eat up most of my summer.

The problem with that is that I posted a lot less than I thought I would. We're approaching September and I'm only halfway through with the countdown. I expected to be done by the beginning of August. I don't want to just throw the list out or post all of the remaining songs in one entry. I'll just try to get this summer-only project out of the way quickly. I've started posting 3 entries at a time, so that'll help out. Click the "Top 50" link at the bottom of this post to see all the entries in the countdown.

* * *

Speaking of blog content... I've missed the first two Student Government Association meetings of the semester. I have a night class Wednesdays at 4 p.m. which is the same time as the SGA meetings. I've actually wanted to take this class for about 4 years now, but I always chose SGA over the class. I finally decided to pick the class.

Will I do any more "reporting" in my blog? Yeah, probably. I just have to get around to it. I guess I won't be doing the weekly summary of the SGA meetings like I used to. Hopefully somebody at the staff of The Concordian will realize how important the SGA is and cover it like they should.

But, I have some ideas in my head for blog content. I've talked to a couple people here and there about some stuff. I won't be going to the weekly meetings, but I'm still paying very close attention to the SGA.

* * *

That's all for now. I searched YouTube for a clip of the "Tommy Boy" scene I mentioned earlier. I couldn't find it, so I'll instead leave you with this classic scene. If you haven't watched this movie, you really need to. Chris Farley was a great comedic actor, very underrated, and this was before David Spade became a parody of himself.

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