Friday, June 4, 2010

41 - "The Jene Genie," David Bowie

David Bowie is an artist that took me a while to realize I enjoyed his music. He has always been a favorite of Kelly's for years. I used to make fun of her for liking him, before I realized I like him too.

Honestly, Bowie has a lot of songs better than this one, but it's one of those songs that comes on and you bounce your head along to the beat. It's good road-trip music, and I listened to it a lot while driving down the road.

This is David Bowie's first of two appearances on this list.

Interesting Bowie trivia - he is credited with inventing and popularizing the mullet.


  1. David Bowie is probably my favorite all-around artist. He can do weird, trippy stuff like "Space Oddity" and then turn around and do flat out rock like "Suffragette City" and "Changes".

  2. That's one thing I've learned to appreciate about Bowie - he's a very versatile artist.