Wednesday, June 16, 2010

38 - "King Nothing," Metallica

A lot of people hate Metallica from the '90s. They hate their self-titled "Black Album," they hate "Load," and they hate "Re-Load." Why? Because it's mainstream, it's not as thrash, it's too slow, etc... I actually prefer this era of Metallica. While I can enjoy some of their thrash-metal roots from the '80s, I will gladly take their slower, more melodic music any day.

That's the case with this song, "King Nothing." It's a good, solid track. It's heavy enough to still be cool, but it still has a radio-friendly sound to it. I know I'll probably lose some "cool points" here, but I don't mind listening to radio-friendly music. I don't always dig deep to find the best unsigned indie band. I will listen to music on the radio and I usually like it.

If you take a look at the album cover, which is the background in the video embedded above, you'll notice it's similar to the background of my twitter page - To see the explanation for it, click here to read a blog from last year where I discussed it. If you read that blog, you'll find a link to a bloody picture of my toe. Don't worry, it's not too bad...

There are a few more songs from Metallica still to come. They peak at #5 on the list.

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