Wednesday, June 30, 2010

36 - "Black Math," The White Stripes

This would be the kind of timing that I have. I post a review of the White Stripes dvd and the very next entry in the Top 50 countdown of the most-played songs on my iTunes is from the White Stripes. So, if you liked the White Stripes review, you'll love this blog. If not, ehhh....

As I explained when I first started this list, this isn't a collection of my favorite songs. It's just the 50 songs I listen to the most. This song caught my attention when I first heard it and I listened to it more than any other song from their "Elephant" album.

It's one of those songs that has a lot of noise in it and you can turn up the volume and have fun with it. I'm a simple man. That's about all it takes to entertain me.

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