Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sort of Summer...

As the title suggests, it is sort of summer. It's warm, school's pretty much out, it's just early May instead of late June when summer actually starts.

I kind of disappeared from Concord's campus the last couple weeks of classes. It happens, especially considering that I wasn't a student this semester. But, we all know by now about how I was staying involved and whatnot. You know, SGA blogs & stuff...

I missed out on a couple cool "SGA blog opportunities" if you will. I'll look into seeing if I can work those out and maybe get them in the blog over the summer or something. They were a couple interviews I had some preliminary discussions about getting. If I can't get them, it won't be the end of the world. It'll just be a missed opportunity to post something interesting here.

I have a couple ideas about stuff I'm going to blog about over the summer. Since there's no SGA to talk about during the summer, I'm going to need something to fill the space. I have some cool ideas. We'll see how those go.

I had some opportunities pop up in my professional life that I'm going to blog about soon. I'm going to give these things time to develop and see where they take me. It should be an intersting few months.

Also, my friend Pat got married recently. The ceremony and the circumstances surrounding it have given an idea for a blog. I'm going to give that some more thought and have that written up sometime soon. Until then, here are a couple tweets I sent out from the wedding:

At @thecomet89's ceremony. He realized he didn't have a Best Man, so I'm filling in. Oh boy :)

Had a good time at @
thecomet89's wedding. It was an enjoyable event, to say the least. @Goodrichk18 got some pics. Will post later.

So, there's that. More thoughts on that later. In fact, more thoughts on a lot of things. I have a lot of thoughts that I'd like to expand on. I'll get to that soon. I just wanted to give everybody a brief update on what was going on.

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