Wednesday, May 19, 2010

46 - "This is the Place," Red Hot Chili Peppers

The first of 9 Red Hot Chili Peppers songs on the list. "This is the Place" is one of those RHCP songs where it seems like the song lyrics mean nothing, but then you really listen to it and realize how deep it is. It's a song about drug addiction and the problems that it causes. The "best friend" that lead singer Anthony Keidis talks about in the song is Hillel Slovak, the original guitarist of the band who died from a Heroin overdose in the late '80s. Keidis wrote about the inspiration for this song and several others in his autobiography, which I read late last year.


  1. " seems like the song lyrics mean nothing, but then you really listen to it and realize how deep it is."

    for me, this is one of the two major appeals of the chili peppers. the other being the music, of course :)

  2. I love trying to decipher what RHCP are trying to say in their songs. And, the music, words don't really do it justice. The bass in some of their songs is out of this world. The drumming isn't really complicated, but it fits into the songs and helps emphasize everything else. Some of the guitar work is so trippy. Red Hot Chili Peppers are such a great band, from top to bottom, in just about every aspect.