Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SGA Election results revealed; resignations follow

Matthew Belcher was announced as the 2010-2011 Student Government Association President at the April 7, SGA meeting. Belcher defeated Robert Elsaid and Korey Hummer. In the other contested elections, Dustin Blankenship was elected as Vice President and Chris Matheny was elected Attorney General.

A full list is below -

Matthew Belcher

Vice President
Dustin Blankenship

Attorney General
Chris Matheny

Public Defender
Grace Hurney

Business Manager
Adam Pauley

Board of Governors representative
Josh Lawson

Ashley Green, Cassidi Hall, Megan McCoy, Travis McReynolds, Kiwa Nadas, Karina Rahall, Erica Romero [there may be more Senators, I'm not 100 percent sure]

Just in case you missed them, click here to read all the interviews I conducted with the candidates.

* * *

I spoke with current SGA President Jeff Yeager shortly after the SGA meeting concluded. He informed me that Attorney General Bill Lewis and Public Defender Josh Lawson resigned from their positions in protest of the election results.

Bill left the following two Facebook status updates shortly after the meeting concluded. I'm not sure if they're related, but they were sent at roughly the same time:

Bill Lewis breaking point...go!

Bill Lewis resigns...

On March 23, Bill wrote a Facebook note giving his picks for the election. Here is what he wrote about the Presidential election:

Robert Elsaid deserves to be your SGA President. He and Josh Lawson will be able to work in tandem like no others, building a strong bridge between the University and Student Administrations and forging, furthering, and cementing strong and successful partnerships between the SGA, the Administration, the staff, and the faculty. He brings an exuberant amount of experience and knowledge from a diverse background. He deserves to be your SGA President, he will serve you well, and he has my full support in all his endeavors.

As of right now, there's no information on Josh Lawson's Facebook page that would suggest why he resigned. He was the only candidate I didn't interview last week. But, when speaking with Korey Hummer about tickets, he noted that he was not running as a ticket, but he and a few people - including Lawson - were supporting each other.

Here's what Hummer and myself said in the interview:

CS: Are you running with a ticket?

KH: We're not considering ourselves a ticket, but we are supporting each other. ...

CS: That's you and [Chris] Matheny, right?

KH: Also, along with [Josh] Lawson and Dustin Blankenship, we also support each other.

While I haven't heard anything official from either Bill or Josh as to why they resigned, SGA President Jeff Yeager told me that they resigned to protest the election results. Bill was supporting Rob Elsaid and Korey Hummer said Josh was supporting him. Neither one of those two men became President.

We can use this blog as an open forum - if anybody involved would like to speak publicly about the resignations, they can do so here. Leave a comment, or get together with me for an interview. I'd like to seperate the fact from the gossip. Or, e-mail somebody at The Concordian to get your thoughts in the student newspaper - concordian @

As of right now, Jeff Yeager informed me that his plan was to ask Chris Matheny and Grace Hurney to serve as interim Attorney General and Public Defender, respectively. I don't know if he's had a chance to speak with them yet.

I'll keep following this. I'm sure there will be a lot more to mention in the coming days.

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In other SGA news:

The long-awaited SGA Code of Ethics will be voted on next week. Click here to see a story about it in The Concordian. Some minor wording issues were changed at this week's meeting, but it still reads largely the same.

This deserves much more than a tiny blurb, but that's all it's getting for now. It turns out that the SGA is not legally allowed to give state money to charity, so it appears as though donating money to Haiti is now off the table. Vice President Akeya Carter-Bozman gave her amended Spring Fling plans at this week's SGA meeting. I believe there will be story about this in next week's issue of The Concordian, so I'll link it then.

Speaking of Akeya, she added some fuel to the fire that was brewing in the pages of The Concordian. Following in the footsteps of Ashley Hicks, Jeff Yeager, and Curtis Kearns, she sent a letter to the paper that was very critical of several areas of the SGA. She is also mostly criticial of some recent claims made by Curtis Kearns. Click here to see that.

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  1. I have appointed AG Elect Chris Matheny and PD Elect Grace Hurney to fill their respective offices on an interim basis until they are sworn in two weeks from now.

    Also, Svitlana Olenich is the new Chief Justice, and Korey Hummer is the new Prime Justice.