Monday, March 1, 2010

Things to Do

Not really much of an update, I've been bogged down a little bit with "life" and all that stuff. Being an adult is a little more time consuming than I previously thought. I wanted to leave you with a list of blogs that I'm presently working on.

- Thoughts on the 2/24/10 meeting of the Student Government Association

- Commentary on the SGA's recent attempts at increased transparency (new facebook & twitter accounts)

- Top 10 Concord stories of the last decade

- Websites I like

- Personal update

The "SGA blog" will likely be up sometime tomorrow, and definitely before Wednesday. As of right now, the thoughts on the SGA's transparency will be a seperate entry; it may wind up being some thoughts tacked onto the "SGA blog" if I get lazy.

Usually, a Top 10 list of the previous decade usually comes out in January of the new decade. I didn't come up with the idea to do this until January, and then most of January was spent coming up with the list. February has been spent mostly ignoring the work I did in January.

I'll get around to doing that sometime probably in the next week or two. It's definitely a project I want to do, just because I think it's interesting; it's just not a high priority for me right now. I'll likely get around to it in the next week or two.

As a preview, the top story of the last decade was Concord College becoming Concord University.

If you have any suggestions for what you think should be a top story, or just want to see what my list is, let me know.

"Websites I like" is just a list I started writing down one night. It's mostly funny sites I go to when I'm bored & have time to kill. Here's a couple examples - & I've got like 10 or 11 of those that I'll post eventually.

I haven't had a personal update in a while. I've been living on my own with Kelly for like 4 months now. I took a semester off from school. I actually have some authority/power in my job. I feel like I should discuss some of that with people. I don't know, somebody might actually be interested in that stuff.

There's that for now. Don't forget to check out for more updates from me. Some of the tweets are funny, most are pointless, but I think a majority are interesting.

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